Saturday, October 31, 2020

Odie's Spilled Salsa Saga

Hey Friends,

It is so good to meet up with you again! How was your week? We are doing well. We are living life one day at a time in Fouke, Arkansas this week.

Spilled Salsa Saga

We are rewinding to December 2019 for today's story. I think that I am recovered enough from this traumatic event that I can share it with you.

In December we were invited to visit the house of our dear friends, Bro. Jeff and Sis. Debbie Roberts. I decided to take a quart of salsa to contribute to the evening.

Now, this was not just any salsa, it was a full quart of our beloved Alcapulco salsa. You all know this salsa is liquid gold at our house. I brought the salsa home from the restaurant and transferred to a better bowl. We were going to church and then on to our friend's house.

When it came time for us to leave, I was rushing out the door. I was driving my power chair to the car, but I was also carrying my purse, phone and bowl of salsa. I was trying to carry too much stuff and drive. This is a common miscalculation of mine.

This time, it had horrible results. I intended to hand the bowl of salsa to my Mom, but I dropped it instead. The lid came off the bowl and salsa exploded. It was all over my laundry room!

Mom and I both were in shock. We froze and did not know what to do. Salsa was everywhere, more than anywhere else. It was on my coat and clothes and covering the room. We forgot to get pictures of the mess.

I wanted to sit down and cry, but there was not any time for a good cry. Dad was preaching revival at our home church and we could no be late. Mom, Uncle Steve and Dad grabbed towels and started trying to clean up the major parts of the spill. I appreciate their help! We had to leave the rest of it to clean up later.

At church, I told Sis. Debbie Roberts, what had transpired. She was heartbroken too. Sis. Debbie said she was hoping that we would bring Alcapulco salsa. It is the thought that counted right?

We went on with our evening and had a great time with friends. I had to tell the story several times. I will never live down the spilled salsa. I just had to laugh and learn from my mistake. You can see pictures from that night by clicking here.

It was close to 1 AM when we arrived back at the house. I worked for almost two hours getting salsa out of little crevices. I shed my tears at this point. I was sick of smelling salsa by the time I was done cleaning up.

I recently received a text from a friend to let me know that I was being thought about. He had dropped a jar of salsa in their kitchen. They now had had salsa and glass everywhere! I could commiserate with them! I know first hand that it is a devastating mishap.

I am so glad that my bowl was not glass! The bowl survived the fall. I definitely learned that the lids do not prevent spills. Those particular lids do pop off when the bowl is dropped. Here is a link to my bowls. They are from Sam's Club and I actually really like them.

I had never cried over spilled salsa before last December. Now I handle salsa with gentle care. Spilled salsa is not an experience that I desire to repeat!  

Have you had any traumatizing spills? Leave a comment and share your stories with me. We can support each other through the pain of spills.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a good weekend.


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