Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Gift of a Garfield Phone

Hey Friends,

Happy Saturday, This is Odie reporting in. How are you doing? I am happy to be visiting with you from Oklahoma. Thanks for spending some of your time with me.

Wednesday was my 35th birthday and it was a wonderful day. My friends and family reached out to me, my parents loved on me, Sis. Galiher made me German Sundaes and we had a wonderful revival service that night. May God bless each and every one of you for your kindness. Thank you!

I even received a few gifts and that got me to thinking about many of the gifts I have received in life. I appreciate all of them very much. It is difficult to adequately say thank you. I am extremely thankful for the thought and effort anyone puts into a gift!

Receiving gifts can be a humbling experience! Many times the giver has sacrificed to give me the gift. I never want to lose my attitude of gratitude! Click here to read about just one a times that I was left humbled and flabbergasted by the kindness of a friend.

Since I was a girl if someone bought or made me a clothing item, I would name that item after them. Some of those dresses or outfits have been my favorites. I always think of those people when I wear those clothes.

Some gifts are extremely special and I will never forget the gift or the giver. Time has caused me to forget some of the things that I have been given, but I am still extremely thankful.

I absolutely love to give gifts! It is fun for me to search for the right item. I like giving for birthday, holidays and special occasions. I also like to surprise my family and friends with a little something just because I wanted to. I am so glad that I have learned the joy of giving.

The Gift of a Garfield Phone
Today I want to share a story about a gift a girl gave me for my fifth birthday. This story is from October 1990. It was a gift that left an impression on me and it that has lasted thirty years.

My Aunt Theresa had a friend in high school named Kelly Miranda. She was a sweet girl and she was so good to me. I felt like Kelly was my friend too. It has 20 plus years since I have seen or talked to Kelly, but I will never forget her.

Here is a little setup to the story. The name that I go by is Odie. Since that is my name, I have always liked anything that has to do with Garfield and Odie. As a child, I was fascinated by phones as well. 

Believe it or not, we did not always have cell phones attached to us. Phones were attached to the wall most of the time. A cordless phone was really cool back then!

One day I was with Mamaw and Theresa and I remember stopping by Kelly's house. While we were there Kelly took me inside to show me her Garfield phone! It was the coolest thing ever. It was two of my favorite things, Garfield and a phone combined, my mind was blown.

I do not have a picture of that exact phone. Google came to my rescue for this image. This phone now was for sale for $175.00 on Etsy!

Time went on and it was time for my birthday party. Kelly came to the party with Aunt Theresa. I was excited to have "my friend" there. She brought a gift with her and inside the bag was the Garfield phone. I was so thrilled to have Kelly's Garfield phone as my own!

It was several years before I could have my phone hooked up in my room, but I used that phone constantly as a child. When I grew older and I was allowed to have a phone in my bedroom, I was happy to use my Garfield phone for real!

Kelly, I do not know if you will ever see this post, but thank you for making my day with your gift. You made me super happy in 1990 and thirty years later I still have not forgotten your kindness. Thanks for being a friend to a five year old girl! I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much! You will never understand how special that birthday gift is to me.

That is just a small story that happened to me as a girl. Her gift left an impression on me. It really taught me a lot about giving gifts. Have you ever given or received anything that taught you the joys of giving?

Thanks for reading until the end. I hope you have a good weekend.


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