Friday, October 30, 2020

Revival In Pictures - Fouke, Arkansas

We are having a wonderful week of revival at the Fairland Holiness Church near Fouke, Arkansas. This was originally scheduled at a tent revival in town, but was changed to a church revival due to the circumstances of the times. The weather is very unseasonably cool this week so Pastor Shuecraft definitely made a good call!

We were going to run tent revival through Sunday and then I was going to take my tent to Mississippi to avoid having to drag it six more places and a few thousand miles the rest of the year. With the tent revival postponed, I dropped the trailer in Ohio, saved myself a little running and opened up a few days next week.

We are going to continue revival through Sunday and then make a decision on what direction to go from there. With hatred and class warfare so volatile in the USA at the moment, the election week might be a good week to stay out of sight.

But, we have a few more revival services to enjoy. Please pray that God will help us in revival this week and beyond!

Today is Revival In Pictures, so let us get to it. I hope you enjoy!

My, how your feet have grown, KJo!

I was able to capture a few pictures of the inside of the Fairland Church.

KJo was looking for a chair. This one is way too big!

She said the second one was just right!

We love Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft, Sis. Sherri and their family. Here they are with two of their four sons, one of their daughters in law and a grandson.

We are so glad you stopped by Mile Markers for a visit. Come again real soon!



  1. Fairland Holiness Church is a very beautiful House of GOD by all means,
    TXS! for sharing.


  2. Yes it is! And filled with beautiful people too!



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