Friday, October 23, 2020

The Sound Goes Around

Nearly five years ago, Ben Isaacs donated an incredible amount of high quality Meyer sound equipment to Boggs Family Ministries to use in tent revivals. You can read some about that HERE.

Meyer Sound is a top name in professional sound for a reason. It is among the best of the best.

We have been gathering sound equipment for many years and supplying our own sound in churches and tent revivals for nearly 16 years. We had purchased the best equipment we could afford and we were quite satisfied with the setup and the sound.

Then came Ben Isaacs and Meyer Sound. Wow! What an amazing leap forward in our sound, even though most of the equipment was many years old. The difference was almost unbelievable. 

We will never be able to say thank you enough to Ben Isaacs for the incredible blessing that he gifted to us.

We first set up the "new to us" equipment at the House of Prayer in Gainesville, Texas. The church is wide and deep with tall ceilings and pretty decent acoustically. 

We placed our existing speakers next to the Meyer UPA-1As, adjusted the volumes the same and set the EQ at whatever was best for each speaker. 

Then we began playing music from my phone through the system, switching back and forth between our old speakers and our new (but much older) speakers. We played songs that I had listened to many, many, many times. I was playing recordings that I was very familiar with. 

I thought I knew every nuance about the songs that I was playing, yet through the Meyers, I was hearing little things in the music and in the voices that I have never heard before. I have said it before, but it was amazing. 

Our existing speakers, that I had been incredibly pleased with for years, now sounded muddy in comparison to the absolute clearness of the Meyer sound. We tested it over and over and over. We brought person after person in and told them nothing but to listen to the difference and EVERYONE picked the Meyers and noticed the incredible clarity.

We have traveled all over this country repeatedly over the last five years and Ben's astounding gift to us became a gift to thousands of people. On numerous occasions, we have had people stop by the tent and ask about our equipment. They would tell us how far away they lived and that they heard every word of the preaching clearly.

There is no way to estimate how many people have heard the Gospel in word and song through these Meyers since Ben gave them to us and we have no way to know how many of them gave their heart to the Lord or were healed or encouraged.

Let me share something interesting with you. Because sound is important to us, we have tried to help churches with sound throughout the years. We have purchased instruments, microphones, speakers, mixers, cords and other equipment for multiple small churches that could not buy it for themselves. We have been blessed to purchase whole systems for a couple churches.

None of the equipment we purchased was very expensive, but it was usually at least as nice as the gear we were using. This is what I want you to see. In one gift from Ben, we received many more times what we had willingly and cheerfully given to others. God will not stay in debt to you, friend. He overwhelmed us with interest.

Having said that, once we fell in love with the Meyer Sound, we began to slowly, with more of Ben's help and guidance, acquire newer Meyer equipment. Now, five years later, we have nearly replaced all of the gear Ben donated with newer and sometimes brand new Meyer trappings.

We have made a significant investment in the newer gear, but we are confident it is worth every penny spent.

Our next step was finding a new home or homes for the equipment that Ben donated to us. We could have sold it to recoup some of our money spent through the years, but that did not seem right for even one moment. We knew from the very beginning of discussing it, this needed to be placed in someone's hands with no strings attached just like Ben put it in our hands.

The trick was finding a church or ministry that need the speakers and that would appreciate them for what they are even though they are very old. Pastor Kevin Webster and the Iron Post Church came to mind and they were on board immediately once I contacted them.

That initiated the project I alluded to a few weeks ago. We had to find a way to get gear out of the tent trailer and out of the barn and find a way to transport it to Oklahoma along with all of our existing equipment. The last two weeks we have traveled with our bays full, the Green Machine full and inside of the bus full!

Monday we traveled from Sand Springs to Iron Post and the unload and setup process began. We were able to leave two UPA-1A speakers for mains, a huge USW-1 sub and the power amps, processors and cabling required for them at the Iron Post Church.

With the help of Bro. Jeremy Martin, Bro. Ronald Hobby, Sis. Teresa Webster and of course, Kelly Jo, it was all rolled in, sorted out and set up in a few hours. Later in the evening, we went back in the church with Bro. and Sis. Webster to fine tune it all as best as I could.

It was really sounding good by the time we finished!

The church's existing speaker stands were the wrong diameter for the brackets on these speakers so they temporarily set the Meyers on their old speakers.

I talked to Bro. Webster this morning and he said their first service last night with the new equipment was great. They were able to get new stands for the main speakers too.😍

The sub is under the bass amp. They will eventually elevate the sub a few inches.

The other sub is going to another church and I will tell you about that once it happens.

It was a joy to place this sound gear and it should serve them very well for many years to come. The sound goes around!

Thank you for stopping in to visit with us today.


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