Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Vintage View Vednesday 2012 Vacation

I often post pictures on Vintage View Vednesday that have been posted years before, but once in a while I find pictures in the archives that have never been published before. That is the case today. I am certain I have never posted pictures or our vacation in 2012.

This was our very first cruise. We planned this cruise over one year in advance and paid a fraction of the going rate. We paid less than $67 per day for both of us. Trust me, I ate more than $33.50 in steak and ice cream every day! Plus we had lodging, a beautiful ship and the open sea to capture our gaze all day long.

That trip started KJo on her never ending search for long cheap cruises to places we have never been before. Who knows where her search will take us next? Not anywhere for the rest of this year for sure. No one can be certain what the future of cruising is going to look like, but we hope it survives.

Almost every major cruise line is selling or scrapping ships, so there will obviously be fewer rooms available and that translates to fewer cheap rooms. If there are bargains to be found, KJo will find them.

Now for a few pictures from our Vintage View Vednesday. I hope you enjoy.


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