Monday, October 5, 2020

What's Up, Weekend? 10/5/2020

The weekend began Friday with a wonderful meal from the master griller, Bro Scott and Sis. Kim! Wow!

If you start a weekend like this, you know it is going to be a momentous weekend. Buckle your seatbelt, here we go!

At 4:00 KJo and I set up all of the sound equipment for church, but saved the soundcheck for later. Then while she was getting the inside of the bus ready to ride, I was filling the water tank, disconnecting the utilities, cranking the BoggsMobile, moving it into the church parking lot and hooking up the Green Machine.

When all of that was completed, we dressed for church, completed soundcheck and by then it was time for the last night of revival. We had a wonderful closing night that capped off a great week.

It was different this year without the tent, but I really enjoyed the whole week. The Richton folks are like family to us and I am always to preach to them with a burden. We sure love them! It was hard to leave but it had to be done, duty calls!

After church, we loaded the sound equipment on Bro. Scott's trailer and took it to the bus. We had lots of help and that was wonderful!

Four pictures from Deidre.

We pulled out of the church parking lot about 9:20 and drove 272 miles and about 4 1/2 hours. The first place we would have considered stopping was the Welcome Center in Cuba, Alabama, but we were feeling good and it was still early. When we stopped at the Rest Area in Ashville, Alabama it was 1:45 and I was winding down.

I really could have driven further, but I knew my places to stop and park would be limited IF I began to get sleepy. We had made it passed Birmingham and that was good enough for me.

I did the work of the evangelist before we left the rest area Saturday morning and we were rolling by 7:30 AM. We had zero problems, slipped through Chattanooga easily and pulled into East Tennessee Luxury Coach 200 miles later.

We unhooked the car and loaded the car into the tent trailer.

I removed the towbar from the BoggsMobile, inserted the hitch, hooked up the tent trailer and away we went. We had an unexplained, self fixing bus glitch that is being thunk over by experts, but we made it to London First Pentecostal about 4:00 PM, finishing 600 miles from Richton, Mississippi.

By 5:30 we had the sound equipment unloaded, the car removed from the trailer, the trailer parked and unhooked and the bus parked and connected to utilities.

Soundcheck video

By 8:00 we were in the bus and by 9:30 I was out like a light. I love traveling with my own bed! It feels so good when I crawl in some nights that I get back out just to crawl in again!🤣😍

Sunday we had two good services to kick off revival. We are so glad to be back here with our friends. Pastor Vernon Jarvis, his wife Sis. Marsha and our brothers and sisters here are a joy to be around.

That wraps up the weekend! Thank you for joining us. May God bless you, friends.


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