Tuesday, October 6, 2020

The Green Machine Lives To Roll Another Day

We purchased the Green Machine, a 2006 Scion xB, in May of 2008. I said then that I would love to drive it until at least 2020. Well, here we are! We have owned it for over 8 years and it is 14 years old.

It has over 206,000 miles on the odometer and over 140,000 miles on top of that being pulled behind the BoggsMobile. It has also ridden inside the tent trailer at least 50,000 miles. The little car has done well.

In September 2018 we had quite a bit of front-end and brake work completed on the Green Machine because it was riding like a buckboard wagon. We also had new tires put on it at that time.

We usually need to change the tires every 20-24 months, because of the miles driven and because the pulling miles are rough on the tires. Since we did not drive much at all for 3 months, the tires are still in good shape.

However, one of the tires has had a slow leak for a few months and I could not find the leak. It was only losing 3-4 lbs per week so it was not bad. Lately, the rate of loss had increased so I took it to Paul's Auto in Laurel, Mississippi last week. Bro. Carol Waters from Richton First Assembly is the manager there and I have had them work on our vehicles before.

They found a very small self-tapping screw between the threads and they took care of that. We had also been having a periodic thumping/popping when turning and they found that. The bushings on the sway bars were gone and they said that was an easy fix.

So the Green Machine lives to roll another day! Praise God for Bro. Waters and Paul's Auto.

We are in the process of trying to figure out what kind of vehicle will eventually replace the Green Machine on the road. It needs to be able to be pulled four wheels down, it needs room for us and both wheelchairs and decent gas mileage is a plus too.

We try to avoid car payments like we try to avoid coronavirus, so that is a factor too. We are confident when the time comes, we will have the right direction. We do have some ideas. Maybe I will write some about our thought process.

For now, we are very thankful to have the Green Machine. It is perfect for our needs at this time. We are glad it is still rolling!

Thank you for joining us today.


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