Sunday, September 6, 2020

View Out The Front Window 9/6/2020

We do not have one little glimmer of cell phone service in the bus this week. Since our internet is based on cell phone signal, we do not have internet in the bus either. There is a little internet inside the church. That is a definite plus.

It remains to be seen how easily we can load pictures, but we should be able to post at least a smidgen on Mile Markers each day. As far as communicating personally with us this week, I suppose that depends on how much we go to church.😀

View Out The Bus Window
This was our view out the front window of the bus at Flying J near Hope Hull, Alabama. We stayed there overnight Friday.

This is our view out the bus window this week at Midway Assembly near St. Stephens, Alabama.

Sunday Morning Sanity
I can hate you and you can hate me in return. We both lose. We both lose bigtime.

I can love you and maybe you will allow my love into your soul and you may love me back. That is the ultimate win.

I can love you and you may refuse my love and resolve to hate me in return. Our relationship will never be what it could and should be. However, as long as I do not allow your hatred toward me to taint my love for you, I still win. Love always wins. Davy

Thank you for stopping in on Sunday. May God bless you, friends.


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