Friday, September 4, 2020

Revival In Pictures

We have spent the better part of a week here at our Tennessee home in Vonore, Tennessee, but it is time to get the big wheels rolling. By the time most of you read this Friday morning, hopefully, we will be moving southwest with no problems at all.

I will give you a full report on our latest BoggsMobile adventure when it looks like this chapter is closed for sure. We are hoping and praying. You hoping and praying with us would not hurt our feelings one little bit.

Tuesday evening we drove about 30 minutes and met Bro. Herman and Sis. Margaret Woods for supper. We enjoyed the visit with our adopted parents and dear friends.

We have had three services of revival online this week.

We neglected to ask for viewers to send in pictures while watching revival. We did receive a few pictures though.

We are almost always working while the sun is going down and have enjoyed watching service outside this week.

We do have pictures from this week though. Can you figure out what we had for breakfast and lunch most days this week?

And KJo went to get food two evenings in Vonore at a place called Smok-N-Bonz. Wow! The brisket is excellent!

Odie captured a rainbow Thursday.

Thank you for stopping by today.



  1. Just had to tell You BroDavy, those breakfast plates really do look so yummy & breakfast is my favorite meal, always has been especially when it involves a nice big juicy steak cooked on the grill to perfection with a big sweet potato topped with plenty of real butter & brown sugar to get me going in the mornings like filling Your fuel tank up before a trip.
    GOD Bless Y'all from here to yonder !~!


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