Tuesday, September 22, 2020

It Was a Purty Day!

Monday was a great day to take care of a few things outside. The high temperature was in the mid 70s and it was in the 60s during the morning hours. Yep, it was a purty day!

My main project for the day was changing the oil in the generator in the bus. I had intended to change the oil the week we were at Midway. It was so hot that week and my laziness won the day. I had no idea that I would need the generator the whole next week!

Thanks to hurricane Sally, I turned on the generator mid morning the Monday we left Midway and it ran until 9:30 this Monday morning. That means it was running one hour short of one full week. I am so thankful for a great running generator. It is a blessing to have access to electricity any time we need it.

It is true that we have had some difficulties with the bus lately, but the generator has given us very few problems that last 12++ years. Praise God for all of the good things!

I appreciate all of the nice comments and encouragement as we have navigated through a few BoggsMobile problems in the last several weeks. It is all part of owning and operating anything mechanical and we have learned to roll with the punches.

Several folks have commented that they would love to see us get a new or new to us bus with fewer problems due to age and mileage. A newer bus would be nice, but we have no desire to finance something else and start all over buying another bus. At some point in the distant future, we will need to slow down and that would be impossible with a huge payment hanging over our heads.

I recently looked up Prevost buses for sale at a bus site I frequent. I looked at 12-13 year old buses, because that is how old the BoggsMobile was when we purchased it. They ranged from $500,000 to $700,000 each. $500,000 would be $3500 a month for 20 years or $5500 a month for 10 years. Seriously, No thank you.

The BoggsMobile is 25+ years old now and definitely has several areas that need attention. But it is still running strong and we praise God for that every single day. It may never run again, but I fully expect it to run until Jesus comes or I am too old to drive it!

I wired into the electric panel here at Lusk church and turned off the generator Monday morning. Within a few minutes, the oil was drained and I was ready to change the filter, clean things up and add oil. I use synthetic in the generator so that I can go a little extra time between changes.

This time I changed the air filter as well. It was bout time to change the fuel filter too, but that is difficult to do without access to clean diesel to fill the new filter. I will change that when I get back to the barn.

All the other things I did to the bus were piddly things, but the cool weather made it all pleasant. I could accept every day like that weather-wise.

When all that was completed, KJo and I rolled in the sound equipment and set it up in the church. Since we were just here the morning before, our saved settings on the mixer worked perfectly and soundcheck was finished in short order.

The beautiful service Monday night capped a near perfect day. I am praising God that He met with His people and helped us all. Hallelujah!

Thank you for joining us today.


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