Monday, September 7, 2020

What's Up Weekend? 9/7/2020

We do not have phone signal in the BoggsMobile this week, but we do have internet inside the church. It seems to be allowing us to upload some pictures and publish to Mile Markers.

What's Up, Weekend? Our weekend began early Friday morning in Vonore, Tennessee as we prepared to roll the wheels toward Alabama. We pulled out of East Tennessee Luxury Coach about 7:30. We did have two small bus glitches Friday morning that were totally unrelated to our recent bus problems. One of them Jeff was able to diagnose and quickly repair. The other glitch fixed itself.

When a bus glitch fixes itself it is either a blessing, scary or both. Anyway, we rolled down the highway with very little problem most of the day. 

We stopped to check things on the bus a few times and we also stopped twice to do the work of the evangelist. What is the work of the evangelist?

Draining the holding tanks.

Filling the diesel tank.

We landed for the day at Flying J in Hope Hull, Alabama at exit 158 on I-65. They have several RV spots in the front and we have parked overnight there before.

It was only 150 more miles to the church in St. Stephens, Alabama, but we stopped early for a few reasons. Even though we had only driven 335 miles, it was enough for the day. Plus, we needed to record a service for Nigeria and get it posted on YouTube.

We did that Friday evening and had a wonderful time.

When the service was over, I was in bed in the blink of an eye. I was fast asleep before 9:00 Central and stayed in bed for seven hours. Wow! That felt terrific! I should be able to run at warp speed for a week or two. (Yeah, right! That did not seem to last long.)

By God's grace, we finished the trip to Midway Assembly near St. Stephens, Alabama with no problems at all. It was wonderful to see our dear friends, Pastor Lamar Chapman and Sis. Tonya again.

The first thing we had to do after we parked was wash the love bugs from the front of the bus. These are twice a year pests in the gulf states, at least, and they are a mess. We ran into them the last 75-80 miles of our trip Saturday. I mean we literally ran into them, by the thousands. Ugh!

You have to wash these monsters quickly. Something in their nasty little bodies will eat through older paint if left on for days. The little cannibals were crawling all over the front of the bus eating the remains of their dear departed loved ones. KJo and I removed them all, dead and alive.

Sunday was Homecoming at Midway. Homecoming during a pandemic is necessarily a different thing, but it was still a joyous occasion! Pastor Lamar Chapman and his folks are still adhering to strict COVID 19 protocol and we are completely comfortable with that.

There was no Homecoming meal, but Sis. Tonya Chapman prepared a meal for us, her family and for Bro. and Sis. Odom visiting from Florida.

We enjoyed the meal and the fellowship very much. Before long, it was time for church Sunday evening. We had another wonderful service Sunday night, but I spoke to soon about loading pictures. I  had trouble getting them to load after church. Maybe I will have a few more later.

This is what we have now.

These are Odie's from Saturday night and Sunday morning.

That wraps up the weekend. Thank you for dropping in.


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