Thursday, September 3, 2020

A Shocking Development - BoggsMobile

Thank you for all of the kindness concerning the service posted last night for Camp Meeting in Nigeria. This was the flyer for the meeting.

We are disappointed not to be there in person, but we enjoy singing and preaching to my dear brothers and sisters there. We plan to have a service ready for them each evening this week at 8:00 PM Eastern. We love having you along.

A Shocking Development-BoggsMobile
This BoggsMobile post was originally written and scheduled to post last Thursday, two days before our current bus pickle. I will have a write up on the latest maybe next week.

I preempted this with Only God Can Heal Our Land. I obviously had no idea we would be back in the shop this week, but such is bus life and we are OK with it. 

I must look at things in the proper perspective!

A Week Ago Tuesday I began a post by telling you about finding a tire wearing in a way I had never seen before. I immediately made plans to swing by East Tennessee Luxury Coach in Vonore, Tennessee and let Jeff Rowe and his team take a look at it.

Here is a picture of the tire on the bus and another after the tire was taken off. You can really see the wear pattern.

Jeff suspected it might be a shock issue right from the get-go and once the tire was off, his guys removed the shock in that position. It was not completely trashed, but it was way beyond its useful lifespan.

I looked in my records and it had been 80,000 miles since I had changed the shocks. Prevost recommends about 50,000 IF my memory serves me correctly and I usually shoot for 60,000 miles or so. Obviously, I forgot to check my records and missed replacement by about one year.

It was a costly mistake since that tire was not near the end of its life, but it sure is now. When they checked the tire on the opposite side of the tag axle, it was wearing in a similar pattern, but on the inside edge of the tire where I could not easily see it. The cost of my mistake was adding up!😀😀

Normally I put new tires on the front and cycle the front tires to the tag axle, but the fronts had only been on about 20 months. I did not want to put $1800 worth of tires on the front and then put the nearly new tires on the tag where they take a lot of abuse.

After tossing the options back and forth, I opted to put new Toyo tires on the tag axle at substantial savings!

It is a verifiable fact that Michelin makes the tire of choice for these buses due to the quality of the ride. I will stick with Michelins on the drive axle and steer axle, but these Toyo tires should be fine for the tag.

I have known that one of the tag axle brake rotors was cracked a bit, but on close inspection, it was discovered it was broken in two places. We certainly do not want that falling apart on the road!

While one of Jeff's guys was changing all the shocks, another changed the brake rotor on the driver's side tag axle. Changing a brake rotor on a Prevost XL is a labor intensive process, but Jeff's guys handle it like it is child's play.

The new brake rotor.

Inspecting the opposite side.

One of the new shocks.

The BoggsMobile in Jeff Rowe's shop.

We are very thankful to get all of this work completed plus replacing the refrigerator in one location. I have said it before and I will keep right on saying it, we are very thankful for Jeff Rowe and we pray that God blesses his business every day. 

Yes, we end up spending a good chunk of money on the BoggsMobile over the course of a year, but not near as much as we would have to invest without Jeff Rowe in our lives and on our speed dial!

Thank you for joining us today on Mile Markers.


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