Friday, September 11, 2020

Revival In Pictures - St. Stephens, Alabama

September 11, 2001

19 years have passed, but we should never forget.

Revival In Pictures
We have enjoyed revival at Midway Assembly all week long. Pastor Lamar Chapman and his people are so kind to us and we love being with them. We have one more service to go and we are anxious to see what the Lord is going to do.

It is amazing to watch the way God works among his people. His Word is powerful and lively and speaks to us in a way we can understand it. I love watching the Word of the Lord settle deep down into hearts and make a difference in lives.

Everyone here is being very careful with the pandemic in the air and that is comforting to us. We all long for this mess to be over, but until it is, we want to do our best not to be a spreader OR a catcher of COVID 19. It is so nice when folks around us feel the same way.

Today is Revival In Pictures so we should get to it. I hope you enjoy the pictures from Midway Assembly.


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