Monday, March 23, 2020

What's Up, Weekend?

I spent most of Friday trying to solidify plans for the last leg of our trip home and learning the technology needed to have revival and broadcast it on Mixlr and YouTube. I was banging my head against the wall most of the time.

I was not sure if we would drive the BoggsMobile home on Saturday or Sunday, but I woke up early Saturday morning with a hankering to go. By shortly after 11:30 we had the car loaded in the tent trailer and the trailer hooked to the bus and we were pulling out.

There were more cars on the road than I expected and it took us six hours and 30 minutes to drive 320 miles. We removed the car from the trailer, did the work of the evangelist, dropped the trailer and pulled the BoggsMobile in the barn. It felt good to sit down!

Odie took a few pictures as we were pulling in and emptying the holding tanks.

Saturday evening I began to work on strengthening our internet signal inside the barn. Sunday afternoon I finally got that going, but by then we had decided to begin the revival in Odie's garage. We carried up our tent revival carpet and Bible stand and later we were able to get the basics of our sound equipment into the garage as well.

I also listened to five different sermons from churches on Mixlr Sunday. It was awesome. Praise God for His Word.

Sunday night we hooked up the sound equipment and did a soundcheck live on Mixlr. Several folks tuned in even though it was late. I made a few little tweaks and I may adjust some more tomorrow. Maybe we can get it dialed in over the next few days. At least we know it was working last night.

I also recorded two live YouTube videos through a third party app. It seemed to work fine so we plan to stream live to our YouTube channel IF there are no last minute glitches.

You can go to the YouTube channel of Boggs Family Ministries by clicking on the link. You can find the Boggs Family Ministries Mixlr Here

Boggs Family Ministries is on Mixlr

Thank you for making plans to join us at 8:00 PM Eastern tonight and I appreciate many of you sharing the news of this revival with others. It has helped a bunch!

God bless you for stopping by today.



  1. Glad you made it home without too much trouble. Looking forward to watching revival on YouTube. Thank you for your burden. Oh and by the way, since everything is virtual. After the service, you can virtually come over and I will virtually fix you a Sauerkraut Sundae. We can enjoy vitual fellowship. Love you all.. Sis. G

    1. You are so funny, Sis. G!
      It is a deal. We should be virtually in your kitchen by 9:30 Eastern, 8:30 Central. Make sure you have lots of virtual onions, mushroom, olives and sour cream. Since it is all virtual, make a chocolate chip pecan pie too, please!

      Davy and KJo


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