Friday, March 6, 2020

A Few Pictures From Our Trip

I have already posted once today today, but I could not get pictures to email or load at all. This post has a few of those pictures.

Here is the Green Machine loaded Wednesday morning in Vonore, Tennessee.

Leaving the BoggsMobile behind.

Compare the colors of the BoggsMobile above and on the plane below. The next BoggsMobile?

Looking out the window at the airport near Knoxville.

It was 11:10 at home when we landed in Los Angeles.

It was a bit later when left Los Angeles.

A couple of pictures from the plane after many hours.

It was 8:40 AM, March 6 when we landed in Australia and 4:40 PM Thursday at home.

We were on three planes for a total of 21+ hours of flying time and quite ready to get our feet on the ground.

Remember that our posting will be different the next few weeks. There may be more than one post a day and some days there might not be any at all. We will keep up the best we can. Thank you for reading.


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