Saturday, March 21, 2020

We Need Revival In Uncertain Times

We Need Revival In Uncertain Times
The fear and panic from the coronavirus have caused cautions and even orders from local and state authorities concerning isolating ourselves from crowds like we have not seen in America in modern times, if ever. It is unprecedented and almost unbelievable.

I suppose that all of you in the United States are affected in some way including your job, business, daily routine and even your ability to attend church.  I have heard from many of my friends that they are out of work and that their churches have been forced to cancel or limit services. 

I know there is no replacement for assembling together and worshiping God and having church with our Christian family. We love it so much that we have spent most of our adult lives in church as many nights as possible. However, if we can not gather as we normally do, what can we do?

We need revival in uncertain times!

We love revival! We believe in revival! We know that the hope of the Gospel is a solid place to stand in uncertain times. We believe that a Word from the Lord and the moving of the Holy Ghost can do more in a few minutes than our government and our doctors and our financial experts can do in a year.

Praise God for everyone that wants to help the citizens of our nation and around the world physically, financially and emotionally. We need the help! But do not forget where the best help always comes from. 

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. James 1:17 

Even by the God of thy father, who shall help thee; and by the Almighty, who shall bless thee with blessings of heaven above... Genesis 49:25 

Behold, the LORD'S hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: Isaiah 59:1

God is not dead. God is not feeble or temporarily unavailable. God is able to help us as individuals, families, communities and nations. God is able to give us revival when it seems like the fabric of our world is being torn apart at the seams.

God often brings the help we desperately need through revival. Let us have revival! Let us humble ourselves and pray. Let us seek God's face. Let us confess our sins and turn from our wicked ways. Then let us watch God begin to heal our land.

Do you believe that God can bring revival in the midst of this nearly complete standstill in society? I do!

Almost every social aspect in our nation has been shut down. In our state, you can not even eat in a restaurant. Some of you have been ordered in your state to stay at your home, shelter in place. What are we going to do? Set around and twiddle our thumbs and wait for the sky to fall?

We hope to be home by Monday and we have been ordered to self isolate because of our very recent international travel. Before we arrived in the USA, a plan began to formulate in my mind. Let us have revival online for everyone that can tune in. Now is the perfect time for revival in any way we can have revival.

Monday evening we intend to set up in a small room in our barn and have church online. We will broadcast audio live on Mixlr and we will video the service and post it on YouTubeIF we can work out the details and logistics, we will broadcast live on YouTube.

Without 1000 subscribers, you have to jump through several logistical hurdles to broadcast live, but we are working on it. The first thing, of course, was to add a YouTube channel to our Google account. I did that Friday and posted a timelapse video on it to get started.

You can go to the YouTube channel of Boggs Family Ministries by clicking on the linkWe already had a Mixlr account so that we could listen to sermons from various churches including our home church. You can find the Boggs Family Ministries Mixlr Here

If you follow our channel on Mixlr, they will send you an email when we begin broadcasting. I am not sure how YouTube works. I am pretty ignorant of the whole process, but I am trying to get up to speed.

Monday evening we will begin revival service as close to 8:00 PM Eastern Time as we can. We will adjust the time as needed going forward the rest of the week and maybe beyond. We may start earlier in the afternoon or later in the evening depending on feedback. There is no right or wrong way to do something that we have never done before.

The service will be only Kelly Jo and me, to begin with, since we will be isolated from Odie. We will sing and worship, then pray and preach and pray. We will be asking God to visit us, speak to all of us and move in our individual lives, in our nation and in our world. We will be expecting God to give us revival!

Please spread the word, let us know what you think and listen in IF you can.

I will expand on details Monday IF I know more. Thank you for reading.

Here is the link to Odie's post today.



  1. Hello Brother Davy and Sister Kelly, this is Sharlene Justice from Beech Fork Holiness Church. Sister Margaret Woods sent this link to me and hopefully I will be able to watch it LIVE Monday evening, if not I can catch it on YouTube. It's so wonderful to know that you are still Faithful Servants! My Mother Sister Pat says Hello and she loves you!
    I love you guys so much and you were always such an Inspiration to myself and the Vann Family.
    God Bless Each of You!!

    1. Thank you, Sharlene. I hope you have been able to join us in revival. God has been helping us. Thank you for your very kind words.

      Davy and Kelly Jo


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