Monday, March 2, 2020

What's Up Weekend?

The weekend begins Friday morning in Ellisville.

Bro. Scott Morris helped me get the tent trailer from Richton to Ellisville. Then he and Brandon helped me shuffle some tent bags. We strapped down some stuff in the trailer and loaded the old tent pieces in the Green Machine.

KJo helped me crank the bus, do the work of the evangelist, hook the bus to the trailer and then park it all in the right place. 

Later in the day, we loaded the car into the trailer and strapped it down.

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch Friday at Stricks with Bro. Kenny, Sis. Joan, Bro. Andy and Sis. Tina. The food was great and the fellowship was even greater!

When I say we had a terrific service the last night of revival in Ellisville, I am not just whistling dixie. In fact, I am not whistling at all! Wow! What a great night it was! I praise God for touching His people in the altar. Hallelujah!

After church, several men and women helped us tear down our sound equipment and then a few of the men helped us load it in the bus. Before we hit the road, we went into the fellowship hall for about 90 minutes to join in on the birthday celebration for Pastor Kenny Morris. That was fun and exciting too.

Odie snapped a few pictures from Friday night.

We pulled out of Ellisville headed toward Tennessee about 10:15 Friday night. Some of you may remember we were supposed to be at Tanner Williams yesterday. After my Mother fell and needed surgery I called the Apostle Donald C. Williamson to see if he would mind if I went home to see here instead. Bro. Donnie was gracious as always and so we changed directions and headed north instead of south.

We stopped for fuel in Toomsuba, Mississippi and stopped for the night a few minutes later at the Welcome Center in I-20 near Cuba, Alabama.

We were up and at it a few hours later and pulled into Vonore, Tennessee about 2:45 PM Eastern time. It felt like coming home as it always does pulling in.

Our fuel stop Friday night.

Saturday morning.

We certainly did not need fuel again 300 miles later, but we stopped at Love's 50 miles before we arrived at Vonore. The bus will be here for a few weeks and I like to leave it full when it sits any amount of time.

Jeff Rowe greeted us when we pulled into Vonore and directed me into the proper place to drop the tent trailer. Then KJo took the wheel and parked the BoggsMobile.

The last few miles of the trip the tent bags shifted. KJo pulled the Green Machine out of the trailer and helped me redo the bags and strap them down again.

Jeff's guys have been bragging on a Mexican restaurant down the road and we decided to check it out Saturday evening. It was good. I may tell you more about it tomorrow.

We slept a few hours Saturday night and Odie and I left early Sunday morning for Ohio. We were pulling into my parent's house before noon. We visited with Mom and Dad and other family members that came and went until about 4:30. Mom is recovering well from surgery. Thank you for praying for her.

We made a quick trip for a little Salsa at Acapulco with Steve and Karen.

I had a couple of things I needed to do before either going to bed or heading back to Tennessee. First, I needed to drop Odie at her house and I need to drop the old tent pieces in their home.

I was able to bring the old tent pieces to Ohio in the car because Bro. Scott and Bro. Brandon helped me load them in Friday morning in Ellisville.

By the time the work was finished I had decided to get cleaned up and get a few hours rest before driving south. That pretty much wraps up our weekend. Thank you for dropping in.



  1. Davy, so glad Your Mom is recovering well from surgery,

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. Thank you for your concern and prayer. It was super great to see Dad and Mom.



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