Friday, March 6, 2020

Safely In Sydney and Somewhat Rested

We have arrived safely in Sydney and we have had our first big long sleep. Unfortunately, the long sleep was taken during the completely wrong part of the day, but we were both glad to get it and we look forward to many more long stretches of sleep during the vacation portion of our trip.

We arrived at our hotel near the airport before 10:00 AM and they allowed us to check right into our room. We have "some" internet here so we quickly communicated with family, put out a few fires that scrambled for our attention and then prepared for a nap.

We had tentative plans for Friday evening, but we both decided that rest was more important IF it could be had. We laid down about 12:30 PM and we both slept pretty well. In fact, I slept very good and was able to keep going back to sleep until 9:15 at night. Since 9:00 at night corresponds to 5:00 AM at home, that makes sense.

Nearly nine hours of sleep for me is almost miraculous. We had been 40 hours without going to bed, so we were blessed to sleep whenever and however much we could. I am not sure what that means for the overnight period to come, but hopefully, we can sleep some.

I remember being awakened a few times during our afternoon sleep, by guests going in and out of their rooms and people in the hall, but it did not bother me in the least. It is very quiet here on the sixth floor as I type at 10:30 PM, so maybe we can sleep some more.

The small amount of internet we had this morning that allowed us to text family and friends, seems to have evaporated this evening. I have been trying to post a few pictures from the trip, but it is not happening yet. Hopefully, this will post. Usually, words will publish even when pictures will not.

Suffice it to say that the flight was long and the day was longer, but we made it fine. There were not near as many sick people on the planes as there normally are, but there were a few openly coughing. 

Most people were like us, they suppressed their cough even if it was only a cough from swallowing something wrong. No one wants to be accused of having something contagious and risking quarantine, I suppose.😀

We scheduled Saturday for rest so I imagine that is what we will do. Although I am sure our stomachs will propel us into the world at some point. We can only ignore the hunger pains for so long.

Thank you for praying for us. We appreciate it much. Thank you for reading as well. God bless you, friends.



  1. Bro Davy, GOD Bless You & Yours, get all the rest You can while You can, stay happy always regardless for GOD is there always, Bro Frankie.

    Frankie Shiflett

  2. Martha Andrea and I miss you both already Stay safe.

  3. Oh my for I really liked the next BoggsMobile !~!, why it'd fill the bill just right in the sky & You BroDavy would look some kinda of good piloting it, way to go for GOD & don't forget to let KJo do the landing for You for she'd know exactly how to do it safely, just don't get any better than

    Frankie Shiflett


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