Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Time For Another Adventure

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all." 
Helen Keller

It is time for another adventure. Today is the culmination of nearly two years of planning and many, many years of dreaming. This evening KJo and I board a plane that will begin our journey, our first journey, to the southern hemisphere of the earth. 

How in the world did we live to be 53 and 51 years old and spend all of our time in the northern hemisphere? The world is too big for that.

That changes now. By this late evening, March 4, we will take off for Sydney, Australia and 15 hours later we will land about mid-morning on March 6. How does that happen? We lose a whole day, but they assure me that the missing day will be returned when we come back to the USA.

The trip is a combination vacation/ministry exploration trip with the early part of the trip leaning heavy toward vacation and the latter part of the trip leaning heavy toward ministry.

IF we can recover, we hope to be in church Sunday near Sydney and then we will board a ship that is bound for New Zealand. We will tour New Zealand and we are hoping to be in church in Napier, New Zealand the following Sunday. We had hoped to have a chance to minister in Napier, but that has not jelled yet.

By the next Sunday, we will be back in Sydney and the next two weeks we hope to minister in other cities in southern Australia as much as possible. We have ministry prospects in Australia through our brothers we have preached for from India. We hope to become acquainted with many brothers and sisters and to minister by God's grace.
As you know, the world is troubled at the moment. Please pray for our health, our safety, that we would be sensitive to the Holy Ghost and that we would be effective in ministry at each and every turn. I believe God is going to guide us IF we are receptive to His voice and He will place us in the exact places we need to be at the proper time.

We are certainly not missionaries in the classic sense of the word. I have the utmost respect for Christians that are willing to move from their home country to learn the language, be immersed in the culture and dedicate years of their lives to winning souls to Christ in another country. I will not cheapen their commitment, by calling what ourselves Missionaries.

We are evangelists. We desire to win souls through revival. If those revivals are in the USA, great. If they are in Nigeria or Australia or Sydney, that is great too. If I can pave the way for mission work that is super great. If God expands our evangelistic work and it takes on a long term aspect as he has in Nigeria, then we will accept God's direction as needed.

We are excited to be in His service to His children wherever they may be!

What about posting here on Mile Markers the next few weeks? We really do not know the answer to that question. We do not know what our access to the internet will be AND we do not know if we can easily update IF we do have internet service. There have been times we have been blocked from our Google accounts when we are outside of the USA. I hope we will know more by the weekend.

Odie is supposed to check in here as much as she can and hopefully that is a lot. I am sure she will let you know we are alive and well, if we are able to get word to her.

I am going to change the settings on Blogger so that when I email a picture to Blogger, it automatically posts on Mile Markers. I will try to send a few test pictures today. That means there may be several posts in one day. If you are notified by email each evening when we post, you will only be informed of the most recent post of the day. Keep in mind, there may be more (hopefully several more) posts during that day. 

You will have to go back to see them. On the mobile view, you can click the arrow on the bottom right corner to go to previous posts as needed. 

On the desktop view, the posts are listed on the right sidebar.

As I said, I will try to post a few individual pictures by sending emails today and we will see how it works. I hope we can keep you updated with some great scenery and people pictures. 

May God bless you all.


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