Friday, March 27, 2020

Revival In Pictures Waynesville, Ohio

Friday is reserved for Revival In Pictures during revival weeks so we will let that tradition stand today. This is certainly a different kind of revival, but we are enjoying it still the same. That makes the pictures a little different too, but it is a glimpse of revival, so here we go.

I need to begin this post with Mexican food, right?

Now, most of you long time readers know that Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan have popped up at our revivals all over the country, from northern Vermont to Arizona and a dozen or so places in between. Would you believe it if I told you they showed up at our isolation revival in Waynesville, Ohio?

Would you believe it if I showed you a picture of them here?

It sure looks like they were here and I sure look surprised or maybe even confused. KJo sent in this picture so I am not sure I should believe my own two eyes!

It looks like Odie took some pictures of the screen.

This is her work and singing station.

Deidre said that Charlie woke up Monday night and heard the singing. He pushed the chair up close for a good view.

And there she is!

The Brownlee’s in Ellisville, Mississippi. Lucas likes watching Odie’s Daddy. 

The Jefferys in Montana. She’s so attentive!! 

Listening to the powerfully anointed Boggs family! 

From Odie’s computer. 

The Mayhan’s in Oklahoma. 

From Theresa Osborn in Waynesville, Ohio. 

From Bro. Israel Sanders in Salem, Kentucky. 
Loving it.

From the Sheffield family- Ellisville, Mississippi. Caleb said hey that’s Bro. Boggs. And pulled his chair right up to the screen. 

Jacqueline Coffman sent these in.

These next few deserve a super cute alert. My Great Nephew Charlie watching from Texas again Thursday night. I love his little dress clothes and his bear feet. That is a boy after my heart!

More super cuteness! My Great Niece Jo Jo saying Amen and helping me preach.

The Keelings in Oklahoma!

Bro. Jonathon Mills in Ohio

That wraps up Revival In Pictures. Thank you for all of your help. I love these pictures. We will collect more over the next several days as you send them in and do another Revival In Pictures post next Friday by God's grace. 

Join us tonight for revival service IF you can. You can join us on the YouTube channel of Boggs Family Ministries by clicking on the link. You can find the Boggs Family Ministries Mixlr Here

We also plan to have revival service Saturday night. I have been talking to Pastors about Sunday. I do not want to hinder the local church in any way. Most of them are telling me that an 8:00 PM Eastern service on Sunday night will not cross up with their services at all.

I am considering having a service Sunday night with mostly singing. We are getting way more requests than we will ever get to in another week or two of revival. What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by.



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