Monday, March 16, 2020

Sailing the Tasman Sea

You may want to read yesterday's second post to inform you of some of the changes we experienced over the weekend. I will have more later in this post.

First, I have a great picture for you today. This was our group after supper Monday evening.

This is a live graph of our ship's route across the Tasman Sea to Sydney. This was taken at 8:00 PM Monday night here and 3:00 AM Monday morning in Ohio.

We are on schedule to dock in Sydney Thursday morning. The captain informed us that the Australians would disembark first and will probably begin to leave the ship by noon on the day of arrival. As it stands now, the Americans will eventually be allowed to leave the ship and go to the airport and fly to the USA. If we desire to stay in Australia, we would have to self isolate 14 days.

All of this is subject to change at any moment, but for now, this is good news. We have one drawback. We have not been able to reschedule our flights as of yet, but we working and hopefully, the cruise company is too.

Thank you for checking in with us today.


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