Thursday, March 5, 2020


It is about Wednesday night at 9:45 PM Pacific time, 12:45 AM Eastern time. We are sitting at our gate in Los Angeles. We should be boarding momentarily and taking off in about one hour from now.

It has already been quite a day and it is just beginning. This flight is around 15 hours. We should arrive at about 9 AM Friday morning.

My previous emailed posts look better now. Odie can adjust the font and formatting from her computer in Ohio once I post by email. Hopefully, we can keep that up for the duration.

Thank you for checking in.

Davy and KJo


  1. Bon Voyage, my friends. We are praying for God's blessings and protection on you. We are anxiously awaiting your return to the US and your arrival in Central City, KY with many exciting stories to tell and many pictures to show. We love the Boggs very much!!!

    1. Thank you, friend. We are so glad to have made it. Wow! That was a long trip!



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