Thursday, July 18, 2019

Terrific Music Under The Tent!

There are definitely perks to having tent revival close to home. Of course, having our families in tent revival with us is awesome. We do not get to be in church with our parents, siblings or cousins much, so setting the tent up close enough for them to attend is a great blessing to us. 

It is at least 30 minutes one way for our family in Waynesville to drive and much farther for others. We appreciate them making the sacrifice to come. Plus, folks from our home church have been able to attend. We love having all of you here.

Another terrific perk of being close to home is having our band from our home church, Dryden Rd Pentecostal Church. Each night there is a steady stream of comments as to the quality of the music under the tent this week. Even people stopping by during the day remark on how good the music is.

Our Pastor, Bro. Bennie, allows us to have these three fine musicians as a temporary "loan", but he makes it abundantly clear, it is a loan and not a gift. They are some of the best musicians we have encountered in churches anywhere and when combined with Kelly Jo, the results are amazing.

All three of these guys play multiple instruments well, but for our purposes Bro. Berkley Rose is on the electric guitar, Bro. Michael Alexander is on the bass and Bro. Carmin Daughtry is on the drums. They are led by Kelly Jo on the keyboard.

These guys are true musicians and they complement everything we try to do musically. We would love to take them with us on the road, but Bro. Bennie would not allow it and I am sure they like to pay their mortgages, to have clothes and care for their families and they probably even like to eat on a regular basis.😀

I suppose we will have to be satisfied with short little snippets of musical bliss like this week under the blue and white gospel tent. Come on out and hear the band. Even if the preaching does not suit you, I believe you will be clapping your hand and patting your feet to the music.

Special thanks to you, brothers. I know you guys have a dozen things to do each night and you set all of that aside to help us in tent revival. We are asking God to bless you abundantly for that. Thank you, Berkley, Michael and Carmin!

These guys provide the music and it is distributed through the community by the amazing sound system that Ben Isaacs orchestrated for us in 2016. It has been made even better by improvements and additions that he has helped me implement since then. We love the clarity we are getting! Thank you, Ben. You are helping us make an impact.

Thank you for reading today.


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