Tuesday, July 30, 2019

A Programming Note

We are having a wonderful few days in the Boston area. We have one more service at Bethel Revival Center tonight and then we will probably leave after church peddling west and a little south as fast as we can. We have enjoyed these folks and the blessings of the Lord.

Today is my blessed mother's birthday. Happy Birthday, Mother Dear! We love you very much and we will take you for salsa soon!

A Programming Note
Stick around a while and our schedule is subject to change, no doubt about it. 

Pastor Randy Brown from Cincinnati area called Friday and asked me about preaching the Homecoming service for them on August 18. His scheduled preacher had to cancel and it sent him scrambling.

We close tent revival Friday the 16th about four hours away and we are going home for indoor fellowship meeting at Dryden Rd so it should have been an easy yes. However, we have a wedding that we are committed to the opposite direction on Saturday.

Earlier this year a young lady and close friend of ours let us know she was planning a wedding. She wanted to know if there was any Saturday in August, September or October that we might be in her area. We offered that we would be close on August 17th so she scheduled her wedding that day so Odie could be in it. How do you say no to that?

We will take the tent down in Central City, try to get the trailer in position for our next tent revival in Evansville, Indiana, attend the wedding in western Kentucky and then go straight to Ohio without delay. That complicated my easy yes, but I still said yes.😀

If all of that falls into place, then we will be in Sharonville, Ohio preaching Homecoming for the Free Holiness Church of God and Pastor Randy Brown. We are looking forward to it. We always have a great time there and the food is terrific!

Another local Pastor, Bro. David Miller asked us to sing and preach for him that night so Sunday night we will be at Pentecostal Holiness Tabernacle on Springdale Rd. It is only about 12 miles from Bro. Brown's around I-275 so we should be able to make that one, even with full bellies from Homecoming lunch!

We will probably go home that night and Tuesday we plan to move up to Dryden Rd. for fellowship meeting. The meeting begins on Tuesday night and we are excited about it. I believe that Bro. Bill Parks is preaching the night service and Bro. Dwain Galiher is preaching the day services. It will be great!

You can always keep up to date by checking our schedule. It is correct Most of the time. Thank you for stopping in today.


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