Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday - Bethel Revival Center.

Can a Vintage View post contain pictures that are all under three years old? Is it legal? I guess it depends on who is making the rules, right? Well, I am making the rules and I want to see pictures from our last visit to Bethel Revival Center in Everett, Massachusettes in the Boston area. I suppose that makes it legal.😀

Wow, these pictures bring back some great memories. We not only got to be with the Bethel folks, including Pastor Orville Plummer and his wife, but we met Bro. John DiZazzo's brother Larry and mixed in some folks from Ohio and Wichita. Yep, it was quite a mix that stirred up quite nicely and made for some great pictures.

I am excited about these pictures, because we plan to be at Bethel this Sunday morning through Tuesday night, by God's grace. Most of the Wichita and Ohio folks may be missing this time, but we are excited to see our friends in Boston. We believe God is going to meet with us in that little storefront church and we can not wait to get there.

We also plan to be at Calvary Ministry in Fall River, MA this Friday night. We have never met the folks in Fall River, but we have been introduced to them by Bro. David Eldridge and we are looking forward to singing and preaching there too.

Here are the pictures from Bethel Revival Center in August 2016. I hope you enjoy.

This is Pastor Orville Plummer and Davy. Pastor Orville is a super great guy and we really enjoyed meeting him and his sweet wife Sis. Jennifer.

Odie and Sis. Beth

Sis. Jane DiZazzo and Sis. Jennifer Plummer

Thank you for joining with us today. By the time many of you read this, we will be zipping along the interstate watching the Mile Markers zoom by on our way to the northeast.


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