Thursday, July 25, 2019

Summarizing Another Circle

I have been trying to keep a written record of each circle out and back this year. Since we started a new circle this morning, I better get started on the last one.

We left on this circle on Sunday, May 26 and arrived home on Sunday, July 7. The BoggsMobile travel 3339 miles, we had two revivals in churches, two tent revivals and one camp meeting in that time. I also drove the car about 400 miles to Bristow Camp Meeting for one day.

When I first planned this trip, it was not bad at all. I even had some rest days built in. But last minute additions and changes made it a pretty rough circle. When you add on last week's tent revival in Middletown, now I understand why I was so exhausted this weekend.

That being said, I would not change a thing. All of the revivals and meetings on the trip were outstanding. I can not imagine missing any of them. Even though we are trying to schedule better and work smarter, there are times when you have to toughen up and get it done.

The church revivals were in Independence, Iowa and Wichita, Kansas for Pastor Ganze and Pastor DiZazzo respectively. We loved both of the revivals and we heard from both Pastors later about lasting results from the meetings. Praise God, that is what we are after.

The next two weeks were tent revivals in Colorado Springs, Colorado for Pastor Thomas and then nearly 700 miles away in Amber, Oklahoma for Pastor Cheek. This was our second tent revival in both of these locations and we loved every moment of both of them.

When the tent came down in Amber, we made another hard run to Elco, Illinois to preach the day services of Elco Family Camp. We absolutely loved being with all of the Pastors and church folks that make up Elco as well as spending time with our good friends, Pastor TD and Sis. Shea Boyd.

There was one big difference in this circle than most of the rest of our circles. Usually, we have a long trip and then preach several revivals in a general area. Not this time. Our shortest commute between revivals was 500 miles between Wichita and Colorado Springs. We can not keep that up for long.

But like I said, it was worth it.

That brings us to our next circle. This one will have a few miles, but it will not take too long. We plan to be back in Ohio in 10 days, by God's grace. We began yesterday at home and ended 564 miles down the road.

I waved goodbye to the Ranch as I was backing out of the driveway and then we hooked up the car at the church.

Thank you for reading today.


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