Monday, July 29, 2019

The Weekend In Our Rearview MIrror 7/29/19

It has been a super great weekend and the fun is not over yet. We have two more services of revival at Bethel Revival Center and we are expecting great things.

After the super long travel day Thursday, I knew that Friday had to be better and it was. Since we went to bed at a decent time Thursday night, I was up and at em' early Friday. I slipped outside, stretched about 75' of water hose and washed some of the bus. It was a beautiful morning in Fall River, Massachusettes.

At noon, we followed Pastor Isaac with his family and a few others to lunch. We had a great time getting to know them and we enjoyed the meal too.

We enjoyed a wonderful service on Friday night. Pastor Isaac and his church wrapped us in love and accepted us warmly. Bro. David Eldridge recommended us to Pastor Isaac and I tried not to embarrass him. We are very thankful for the introduction. We look forward to a long friendship and many visits in the future.

The church speaks Portuguese so Sis. Susan interpreted for me. She made it very comfortable for me to preach.

After service we went into the fellowship hall where they served refreshments and we visited with our new friends.

They went back into the church at 10:00 and prayed until 11:00. Then they had testimonies until 12:00. It was a great, great night.

Saturday morning, we hooked up the Green Machine and hit the road. Thankfully, traffic was relatively sparse until we reached Boston. I took the bypass around Boston and only lost about 30-40 minutes due to slowdowns. The 80 miles took us a shade under two hours.

I am pretty sure we will come back to the bus and hit the road Tuesday night after church. If we can drive about 300 miles, we can escape most of the heavy traffic and make the trip back to Ohio a lot easier.

OR it is only about 25 miles farther to go across I-90 toward home. That takes us close enough to take a side trip up to see Niagra Falls. The would be a nice stop. Of course, that route also includes a New York toll road and they want at least $100 for the privilege of driving the bus on their road.

Here in the Boston area, we are parked by permission in the parking lot of a business in Peabody north of Boston. RV Parks are rare as hen's teeth up here. We are only about 15 minutes from the church with no traffic and 35-40 minutes in the evening with traffic.

Saturday about noon we loaded some sound equipment in the car and started for the church. The route just happens to take us by Polcari's Italian and the car turned in almost involuntarily. We were so glad that it did!

We went on to the church and set up our sound. We also visited a few hours with Pastor Orville Plummer. It was a great afternoon and evening all around.

The services Sunday morning and Sunday evening were both well attended and the response to the singing and preaching was wonderful.

This is Sis. Plummer's Dad. He is 91 years old and gets around great!

Bro. and Sis. Plummer's three daughters we with us Sunday night. It was a joy to meet them. KJ joined the family picture!

Thank you for joining us for our adventure weekend. See you tomorrow!


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