Tuesday, July 9, 2019

We Need You - Tent Revival Middletown, Ohio

We still have pictures to post from taking down the tent in Amber, Oklahoma and I intend to get to them this week. However, I need to take a moment to give you some information concerning our tent revival in Middletown, Ohio beginning this coming Sunday night.

We have had this tent revival on the books for more than a year and we have been praying fervently about it longer than that. Pastor Kevin Allen started a church in Middletown a few years ago and they now have a building in a perfect neighborhood to build a church to the glory of God.

There is a park that is only a few blocks from his church and is surrounded by houses on all sides. That is where the tent will be, by God's grace. I sent Bro. Allen 1/2 page color flyers and they have passed them out to the whole neighborhood.

They have been praying and we have been praying for a great move of God in people that live within several blocks of the park and Bro. Allen's church. I do not believe that it is unreasonable at all to ask God for two or three dozen converts from the houses that will be within earshot of the Blue and White Gospel Tent.

We will be having tent revival Sunday, July 14 – Friday, July 19. Each service will begin at 7:30, including Sunday.

Our main goal is two-fold. We intend to encourage Pastor Allen and his church, Calvary Pentecostal Lighthouse, to continue and expand their evangelistic outreach in their community and we want to win souls to Christ and send Calvary Pentecostal Lighthouse an influx of new converts. 

It should not be unreasonable to expect multiple people to be saved from that neighborhood. I expect it, my family expects it, my prayer is that Pastor Allen and his folks expect it and I believe God can bring it to pass.

There has been a lot of preparation for this meeting going on for over a year. There remains more to do and by God’s grace, we will all be prepared so that God can do his part. There are three ways you can help us.

First is prayer. Please, please, please go to serious prayer for this revival. Pray that God would remove the hindrances and rebuke everything physical or spiritual that would bind the spirit of revival. Pray for good weather, good reception from the community and health and strength for my family and all those working in revival. Pray that God would prepare hearts around that park. Prayer is key to the success of this meeting.

Secondly is attendance. Pastor Allen’s church is small. It has been my experience in hundreds of nights of tent revival that if we have a good group of people under the tent praising God, He will inhabit our praises, work in the community and draw men and women under the tent. 

If you are close to Ohio, please come. Come because you love Bro. Allen. Come because you love fellowship. Come because you love tent revival. Come because you love our family. Pick a reason or make one up, we need you there as much as possible.

The third is helping to put up the tent and to take it down. Because of the size of Pastor Allen’s church, we know we are going to need more help than they can offer. Many hands make light work and the tent can easily be standing in the air in an hour if we have plenty of help.

We plan to put up the tent on Saturday morning, July 13 at 8:00 AM.


Damon Park is at 1500 Pershing Avenue, Middletown, Ohio. It comes up in Google Maps and even though it is tucked in a great little neighborhood, it is very easy to get to. It is 5.5 miles from the Middletown exit off I-75 and just two turns once you are going west on HWY 122. You turn south on S. University Blvd and then right onto Pershing Avenue, easy peasy.

Thank you for praying for us.



  1. Praying for the new Tent Revival and plenty of help..Wish I was closer..Love ya'll


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