Friday, July 12, 2019

Bro. Shobanke and Tent Revival

This week revolved around two things, Bro. Shobanke and getting everything in order for tent revival. Two things are all we needed to stay busy.

I picked up Bro. Shobanke Monday morning at a house about 15 minutes away. Pastor Hoskins and the Corwin church allowed him to stay in their evangelists quarters and that was a big help to us. This was his last few days in the states so he had quite of bit of shopping to do at Walmart. Kelly Jo helped him with that.

The rest of the days, we spent time together, prayed together, planned together and enjoyed being with our dear friend. When he would take a few minutes to rest, we would work on laundry, generator maintenance and other tent stuff.

Oh, I used the new (used) mower for the first time Thursday morning. It mows great! The generator maintenance I was doing was changing the oil and air filter in the bus generator. It will probably be cranked up tomorrow afternoon and run for about eight days straight.

Before we knew it, the time had flown by and we were taking Bro. Shobanke to the airport in Dayton. It was sad to seem him go through security and make his way to his first plane. We were able to send him off with a good offering, including money to help supplement salaries of the leadership at GoodNews Christian School. We are thankful for that.

He actually went home a few days early. He was supposed to preach at Corwin Wednesday night and at Dryden Rd. Thursday night. He told me Tuesday that he did not feel up to preaching and wanted to go home a little earlier. I found a flight out Thursday, so we had to cancel Dryden Rd. He testified at Corwin, I preached and then Bro. Shobanke prayed for the people.

We had a great service at Corwin and Odie took a few pictures.

Thursday we took Bro. Shobanke for one last American feast before taking him to the airport. He wanted Golden Corral and I believe he got our money's worth. His doctors at home told him he needed to eat good food and plenty of it and he is trying to do it.

After seeing Bro. Shobanke off, we went to church at our home church at Dryden Rd. Bro. Bennie preached great and we loved being home.

Here are a few more pictures from the week.

I have my Dad's truck at the Ranch. This morning and I will hook it to the trailer and swing the trailer around in a position to hook up to the bus. I will also load some sound equipment from the bus into the trailer.

In the early afternoon, we plan to take the bus and trailer to the tent site in Middletown and try to put everything in place. KJ will drive the truck so that I can hook it to the trailer and park it in the right position for the tent set up.

Once that is done, we will mark all the tent stakes and have everything ready for the huge crowd (That is faith talking) that will be there Saturday at 8:00 AM to put the tent in the air.

By Sunday morning I hope to show you a picture of the tent in Damon Park in Middletown, Ohio.

Thank you for stopping by today.


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