Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The First Night Of Tent Revival in Middletown, Ohio

Sunday morning when I went to Bro. Kevin Allen's church to talk to the people about what to expect in the tent revival, I told the folks there would be cold water available to drink. I also told them they were welcome to bring water or even tea or soda under the tent to prevent them from getting too hot.

I know we do not do that in our air-conditioned churches, but under the tent, I am completely fine with it. I joked, "Something cold to drink is fine, but a bag of Dorito's is probably taking it too far unless you set them on the Bible stand."

Sunday night, Sis. Allen sent one of her children to give this to me.

That was funny!

I told you some about the service yesterday. Tent revival builds each night, but we started off Sunday night with a great crowd. I am thankful for the visible support of people attending from the community. I love that!

Odie snapped some pictures from the first night of tent revival.

I have told the story repeatedly of Kelly Jo's parents getting saved in a tent revival when KJ was four years old. Her Aunt Colleen was saved in that same tent revival. She drove about an hour to be here with us the first night of tent revival!

It is JoJo's first night of tent revival ever. No word yet on what her first impressions were. I hope she likes being in revival with her Uncle, Davy the Great!

After church I changed into some dry clothes and then spent a few hours under the tent reading and winding down from the great first night. 

Under the ten after the first night, my mind goes through nearly every moment of service evaluating every word and every perceived response. There are always things I wish I would have said differently, but overall, I am very happy with the first night.

I have been telling you what a great neighborhood this is for tent revival. I decided to show you. This is it below. Damon Park is in the center top of the picture below and the tent spot is represented by a blue dot and circled in black. The Calvary Pentecostal Lighthouse is represented by a red dot circled in black at the bottom center.

Look at all of those houses within reach of our sound system. That is awesome! Now we need the Holy Ghost to rain down in this neighborhood! Do it, Lord!

This is what people see as they come in the east entrance to Damon Park. The BoggsMobile is partially blocking the view from directly across the street, but it is parked in the best place overall.

Thank you for stopping by today.


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