Tuesday, July 23, 2019

A Few Pictures From the Weekend

Thank you for the comments about yesterday's post, but not everyone was completely pleased with a post with no pictures.😁 I know that some of you were expecting pictures from the weekend yesterday. We completely understand that. Kelly Jo likes the pictures the best too.

Today is your day. Odie snapped a bunch of pictures of Friday night's tent revival service, of the tent coming down and a few from Sunday.

Let me say this, Friday night's service was especially good. God answered long term prayers in the altar service that night and we were all rejoicing. Praise God for His wonderful mercy and His marvelous grace! The altar service Friday night was worth the whole meeting!

First up is Bro. Carmin with his brand new bass. It is beautiful!

After church Friday we had lots of help putting up the chairs and taking down the tent. Everyone jumped in and worked diligently to get the job done and get it done they did. One hour and four minutes after I dismissed the service, the tent was down, the tent trailer was loaded and the sound equipment was loaded in the BoggsMobile.

I had taken down the lights and tent banners before church and KJ had taken down the cords as well. That probably saves about 10-15 minutes. We also had the trailer ready to receive all the tent stuff before folks arrived for church. That leaves nothing but pretty straight forward chores for the folks that help and we are so glad that many jumped in to help us.

There is no doubt that Kelly Jo is the hardest working evangelist's wife in America. Plus she is well trained in folding tents and other tent work. If she ever needs a job, I am sure the circus would be thrilled to have her.

Odie took a few pictures at Dryden Rd. Sunday.

And the weekend may or may not have included a trip or two to Acapulco to drink salsa.😀

There is the weekend in pictures. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for stopping in.


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