Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Astounding Gift of Sound - Meyer Sound

City Reach has been great so far this week and we are expecting it to build each and every night. Thank you for praying for us.

It is about time I bring you up to date on a very important part of City Reach. I have told you we had some sound gear donated and I want to share some of the details.

We are really enjoying all of our "new to us" sound equipment that was donated recently for City Reach and beyond. We have had it set up in churches but this week is the first time to set it up under the tent. It sounds awesome and so clear!

We had pieced together a pretty good sounding system through the years. We have been very pleased with the ease of set up each night and the overall performance. It has been great for churches and perfect for tent revivals. 

This new system takes the sound quality to a whole new level. It is absolutely amazing. It is hard to believe how much better it sounds. 

The new equipment is Meyer Sound which is the top name in sound and for very good reason. It is incredible equipment. All of it is used but it has been completely checked out by Meyer. 

We owe it all to the kindness and generosity of Ben Isaacs. Ben wanted to help bear the burden of City Reach and to help us be as effective as we can be. This is what the Lord inspired him to do.

We are stunned by Ben's unbelievable gift and tried to talk him out of it. He insisted we allow him to obey God and help us spread the Gospel.  

Ben's overwhelming gift includes
-Four Meyer main speakers
-Two massive Meyer sub speakers
-Three Meyer processors 
-Three high powered power amps
-Road cases for everything
-Hundreds and hundreds of feet of special cables. 

Like I said, it is an overwhelming gift. 

I am still learning how the Meyer stuff handles under the various circumstances we sing and preach in. It is a completely different animal than the Mackies but I am loving it, my girls are loving it and the folks in the congregation seem to be loving it. 

I have a few pictures below of the Meyer system as we picked it up and set it up. When we left New York in February we flew into Nashville and rented a truck. We met Ben at Soundcheck in Nashville and found a room full of Meyer. Wow!

Ben spent about an hour showing us how to hook our existing system to the Meyer equipment. It is different from what we have had in the past but not that difficult. Set up time was a little longer in the beginning but as we learn it is only taking a few minutes.

Then we loaded it in the truck and strapped it down. 

After lunch  and a great visit with Ben, we headed toward Texas. Thanks, Ben. I do not know how we will every thank you enough! Your confidence in us and your generosity to help City Reach and Boggs Family Ministries has humbled and blessed us. May God bless you, Ben!

Once we unloaded everything in Gainesville we had to figure how to load it all in the bus. We tried a dozen ways to load it on the existing pass through drawer. 

It would not fit so the drawer had to come out. 

Once we knew it would fit in the bay, we pulled it all out and set it up for a few days in the church. 

The subs

The mains

The processors and power amps

Once we had it going we did a side by side comparison with our existing Mackie 450's. 

We love the Mackies and they have served us very well in churches and under the tent all over the country. We will still be using the Mackies for monitors. However, there was absolutely no comparison between the Meyers and the Mackies. The Meyers blew them away, hands down! In some ways, it is sad how much better they are. 

We sang and played music through the new system for hours and hours and then we packed it all in the bus for the ride to California.

Here is Kelly Jo with just a few of the many, many special cords that Ben included.

Last week we set it up at Desert Cove while we had some time to test the system some.

Here it is under the Blue and White Gospel Tent. It sounds amazing under the tent. We have never used subs and they are unbelievably good! What a difference!

We are still overwhelmed by this gift but we are really, really, really enjoying it.

Ben is a Meyer sound rep so if you want some very high quality new sound equipment, I can put you in touch with him. 

Thanks for reading.


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