Saturday, July 27, 2019

Another Puzzle Piece

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Boston. The BoggsMobile has been on the move this week. It is great to be back in Boston to visit our friends, make new friends, and enjoy delicious Italian food. We will be with Pastor Orville Plummer and the congregation of Bethel Revival Center tomorrow morning thru Tuesday night. We are looking forward to what God has planned for us during our visit to Massachusetts. 

We have had a great trip so far. I am sure that Dad will tell you more about it next week. I am writing today about my house. I hope you are not getting tired of hearing about it and seeing pictures. It is a big part of my life at the moment so that is what you get.
Another Puzzle Piece 
I often get asked if I  am enjoying having my own place to call home. Yes, I love my beach cottage! Next, I am usually asked these questions, Are you settled in and do you have everything in place? Well, I have slowly been getting the things that I need. It is taking shape one puzzle piece at a time. I am loving the big picture that I see forming!

One piece that was high on my priority list this summer was to purchase a queen size mattress for my Master Bedroom. I bought a bed frame that I really like from IKEA last summer. My parents had an old set of twin mattress that together made a queen size bed. They had previously used them for several years in the BoggsMobile. Using their old mattresses allowed me to take my time on the search for a mattress. 

Buying a new mattress has always been on my radar, but I wanted the perfect mattress. At Sam’s Club I found the mattress that felt just right to me. It was my “Goldilocks moment”. 😀 I knew my search for the perfect mattress was over. Sam’s in our area did not have the Queen size in the store, but there are other options. I ordered it online and in eight days it was delivered to my porch. 

Last Saturday morning I received a text letting me know that the mattress was delivered. I was so excited to roll out and see this box sitting there waiting for me. Thanks to Papaw for helping me get it inside. Thank you to Mom and Papaw for getting it in place and setup. 

As soon as the plastic was cut you hear it expanding. It quickly grew before our eyes. Within 20 minutes it already felt wonderful. In two hours it was fully expanded and felt firmer. It was absolutely amazing to me. 

After letting it expand for a couple of hours I put everything back in place. I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping on it for four nights. It is so comfortable!

I am thrilled to have this massive piece to my puzzle completed. Click here for a link to Sam’s website if you would like to see the exact mattress that I chose. I definitely give this mattress 5 stars. If you need a new mattress for a reasonable price. I recommend going to your local Sam’s and trying this Serta mattress out. It the Serta SleepToGo 12" Gel Memory Foam Luxury Queen Mattress. 

Thank you for spending time with me today. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. 


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