Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday Florence, Oregon and the Southern Oregon Coast 2005

Last week I interrupted Vintage view Vednesday posts to put up pictures from Allentown Fellowship Meeting. Today we join our accidental vacation in progress as we drive south along the Oregon coast toward northern California.

In the last installment, I posted pictures of us exploring Fort Clatsop and the northern Oregon Pacific coast. We spent a day or two exploring around Florence and then hooked up the trailer and took the coastal road south all the way to California. We have pictures today from that drive, but here are links to the first six installments of our accidental vacation in case you missed them.

Although we have driven through Oregon a few times since this trip in 2005, we have never spent any time on the coast again. That is certainly not because we did not like it. We loved the Oregon coast! There is just so much to see in Oregon and the world, it is sometimes hard to get back to see things again. That is why we try our best to see a few things along the way. We may never pass this exact way again.

We had no idea there is a several mile long section of the Oregon coastline that is made up of huge sand dunes like the Sahara Desert. One day we were exploring around Florence and there it was! We spent several hours there watching the dune buggies and four-wheelers do their thing. It is an amazing place and I can only find one picture. 

People come from all over the world to have fun in the tremendous sand mountains.

After a day or two, we hooked up the trailer and headed south. The southern coast was no less beautiful than the northern part of the state.

Wow! What amazing beauty! That wraps up the Oregon coast for this accidental vacation. Later that same day we found a random campground and paid for an overnight spot. We asked about "must see" drives in the immediate area and found a hidden gem in northern California. It remains one of the most wonderful things we have ever seen.

Thank you for riding along with us. We are only a little bit from a surprising turn in our accidental vacation.


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