Thursday, March 7, 2019

99.5% Of The Time

Last week before the bus was able to roll again, I wrote It Is A Matter of Perspective. I believe every word I wrote. It helps me to get out of my own head and realize there are others around me with needs that far outweigh the needs I am presenting before God.

It is not that my needs are not important to God or that my needs do not rise to the level of really being a problem. But proper perspective says there is no sense in me having a nervous breakdown in the grand scheme of things. Proper perspective instructs me to spend time knocking on heaven's door in faith for people in my life that have much bigger problems than me.

A day or two after I wrote that post, God set me in place to see from an even different perspective than that. It is also helpful.

I have been viewing this whole bus situation from the perspective that it is not as near as bad as it could be. It is not near as bad as what others are facing. All of that is correct, absolutely correct.

That helps me. Watch this, it helps me too.

At the end of last week, we had been having bus trouble that was scattered over a five week span. The bus had not been running three out of the previous five weeks. That is pretty bad. 60% of the previous five weeks, the bus had been broken down, unable to start, unable to move us about the country. 60% downtime is horrible!

However, at the end of last week, we had owned and lived in the BoggsMobile for 568 weeks. Out of those 568 weeks, the bus had been running well for 565 weeks. That means the bus HAS been running 99.5% of the time and only broke down .05% of the time.

That perspective made me stand a little taller, walk a little straighter, hold my head a little higher and praise God a little louder.

Of course, through the years, we have scheduled time for the bus to be in the shop for maintenance and improvements, but in 565 out of 568 weeks of bus ownership, the bus could have been driven anywhere in the USA. Not bad at all!

IF the bus was down 60% of the time all of the time, it would have been down nearly 341 weeks. Wow! But that is not the case at all. It has been down only 3 out of the previous 568 weeks, .05%! 

How do your problems look from that perspective? Has God been with you every step of the way? 

I want to thank God for the days I did not feel sick, I had plenty to eat, I had money for fuel and money for my bills. I want to praise God for a fantastic wife,  and incredible daughtergreat parents, good raising, wonderful family, a gracious Pastor, fabulous home church, places to preach, people that love us and friends that are absolutely amazing.

When I take time to think about how good God has been to me, how much He has blessed and what amazing things He has done, it puts my current problems into perspective. He walked on the water the last time, right? Then He can do it again!

Thank you for stopping by today. May God bless you with a wonderful perspective and a series of miracles to follow!



  1. Davy, this was well written & sort of what had been in the back of my mind the whole time, but I decided to let You say it. Too, if the bus hadn't been down why You could've had a terrible accident, think about it for God always knows what's best. Love-Y'ALL !~!, Frankie.

    Frankie Shiflett

    1. So good to hear from you, Bro. Frankie! Thank you.


    2. Davy, TXS! & brand new week to Y'all also !~!, YO_Frankie.

      Frankie Shiflett


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