Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Leading Like A Lion

From time to time I post about what I am reading currently. I heard recently that our dear friend, Pastor David Webb, had written a book that is published and available on Amazon and other retailers. I ordered it right away and it arrived while we were in Alabama. It is a hardback book with a dust jacket entitled Leading Like a Lion.

I received it and read it cover to cover that evening. It is full of helpful spiritual insights in sermon and story form. Bro. David Webb is a friend, but he is also a Godly man, great Pastor, a tremendous family man and a visionary. We need more men like him and I believe he is helping to raise them up. 

I have been encouraging some of the great minds among the conservative Pentecostals to write books and leave a heritage behind. I do not remember having that conversation with Bro. Webb, but I am glad he is writing. I hope Bro. Webb's book is the beginning of an avalanche of good books to come from him and others.

Leading Like A Lion is hardcover with a dust jacket so it is a little pricier than I usually pay for a book. I have many hundreds of religious books and most of them I have purchased used and invested very little in them. This book is very nicely done and will be a nice addition to your collection once you have read it. 

I have seen Leading Like a Lion on Barnes and Noble, several listings on Amazon. Some of these listings include shipping, others do not. You can also by it in digital format from Barnes and Noble as a Nook Book.

That is what I have been reading and enjoying.


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