Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday Washington State 2005

Real Time
We are having a wonderful revival in Ellisville this week and enjoying God's people and God's blessings. Little Sadie is doing very well and we "think" we are making progress on the BoggsMobile. Still Praying.

Back In Time
When we left Missoula, Montana we were going into more brand new territory for us. We headed west on Interstate 90 through a sliver of Idaho and into the state of Washington. Our first glimpse of the Columbia River took our breath away.

We have seen different sections of the Columbia River a few times since then and it is always a highlight of the journey. It is no wonder that Lewis and Clark could not say enough grand things about this amazing waterway!

Once we got into western Washington we found a campground maybe 30 miles before Seattle. We parked, unhooked the fifth wheel and ate some lunch. It was a very scenic campground, with NO level spots.

Here is our Chevy truck and our Kountry Star.

Why do some things stick in your mind? I remember that Kelly Jo had a super large can of ravioli and she prepared the whole batch for me. It was an extremely big bowl of ravioli and it tasted so good. I ate it outside at the picnic table by our trailer in the campground. Why do I remember that and can not remember something important I was going to say two minutes ago? 

Then we drove the truck into Seattle. You can tell by the pictures, we did not pay much attention to the city itself and went right to the coast.

It was a beautiful day. The next day was so foggy and rainy that you could barely see ten feet in front of you and it made us really appreciate the great day we had.

In next week's post, we will meander down the coast to Forts Clatsop and into Oregon. Thank you for joining us today.


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