Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 3/5/19

Yesterday I brought you up to date on the bus, today the weekend.

The weekend was a whirlwind of activity, but we were blessed beyond measure each and every day. 

It was so good to wake up Friday morning and know the BoggsMobile was parked in Ellisville where it belonged. That was a huge blessing and I will be thanking God for a while.

Friday lunch was our annual trip to Strick's BBQ in Hattiesburg and it was well worth the trip! We had a great meal and wonderful fellowship with our Mississippi family.

First I have a picture of some of the food. 

That was a really nice hog. He gave everything for lunch. What a commitment!

And then our family.

Friday night was the grand finale of revival. Pastor Kenny Morris had exhorted wonderfully before he invited us up and I continued exhorting right into song and the Holy Ghost took over from there. It was an awesome way to end revival.

Friday after church the ladies had prepared food for the birthday of Pastor Kenny Morris. We have been here for Bro. Kenny's birthday several years and it is always fun.

We have been coming here for so many years that these precious people really do feel like family. They have taken us in, loved us and embraced us and we are the better for it all the way around. Pastor Kenny Morris and Sis. Joan are some of our favorites. Here they are below with Odie Podie

Bro. Brad Nicholson wanted to change the oil in the bus before we left Saturday. We had the oil and filters ready for him when he arrived right on time Saturday morning.

I appreciate all that Bro. Brad has done for us over the last week+. You can read more about it in yesterday's post. Brad has been amazingly good to us and I am asking God to bless him abundantly in every way God can see to do it. 

Once he was finished, we fueled up, Odie bought us some lunch "to go" and we were off toward Sebastopol. In a little over two hours, we had arrived and parked. A few minutes later, we were wired into utilities and settling in for a few days.

White Plains has prayer service at 6:00 on Saturday so we attended that and then carried in our sound system to be ready for set up Sunday morning. They told us they will start revival service every night at 6:00. The is important information to keep in mind if you plan on coming to see us this week. We will be here Sunday through Wednesday.

Sunday we had two great services. This has always been a great crowd to preach to and I enjoyed it very much over the weekend. They also laid out a big spread for lunch and you know I enjoyed that too.

We have been coming to White Plains for many years, but we missed last year due to Bro. Bill Houston's funeral service. In the two years since we have been here Sis. Lorene Graham passed away. Sis. Graham was a praying woman and was our dear friend. She and her husband built the original White Plains church during WW II and she was faithful to the very end.

When we were here in 2017 she was 98 years old. She passed away four months later. She left huge spiritual shoes to fill and we miss her terribly. 

These pictures are from March 2017.

When we were here in 2015, Sis. Graham was 96 and I was 48. 

48 and 96

We both got a kick out of the fact that she was double my age. Sis. Graham told me that year that somebody said to her that they did not think they wanted to live to be 96. She replied, "Well, I didn't ask for it, God just gave it to me!" She had a great sense of humor.

What a grand lady of the Lord. May we see here soon.

We are having revival through Wednesday by God's grace. We are looking forward to all of it.

Thank you for dropping in today.


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