Monday, March 11, 2019

Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 3/11/18

After closing revival on Wednesday at White Plains, Thursday ended up being a full day. We had such a good time with the saints, our friends, at White Plains, I was a little sad to leave them. But the asphalt in my blood won out in the end and it was time to hit the road.

I cranked the bus and it was purring like a kitten. A BIG kitten. Oh, I love that sound! Then I unhooked from the electrical panel, Kelly Jo backed the bus out of the spot, we attached the Green Machine and away we went.

We took the safe route to Tanner Williams Holiness Church and avoided all the cattle trails. Google maps on our phones will lead us down some roads way too small for the bus, so we trust the Garmin on the 45' truck setting. Of course, we have to double check Mr. Garmin sometimes too.

The 190 miles trip took us 3.5 hours and soon we were unhooked from the car, parked, leveled and hooked to utilities. 

After visiting with Bro. and Sis. Williamson for a few minutes we jumped in the car and ran to town.

During the bus breakdown in Citronelle, we purchased several parts from Empire Truck Sales and Service on the north side of Mobile. Two of those parts totaling nearly $400 were not needed so we took them back for a refund.

We made a quick stop at Guitar Center, Harbor Freight and a not so quick stop at Sonny's for another round of all you can eat dry rubbed ribs. Wow!

Friday and Saturday were more like rest days for me. I had been trying all week to nurse my weak back into health and was not being very successful, so rest seemed sensible.

The only profitable thing I did Friday was meet the Apostle and the Epistle for an early supper at Cracker Barrel. That was a barrel of laughs and well worth the effort.

Saturday Kelly Jo and Odie went to town to do laundry and for retail therapy. They like to kick around the Mobile area and that suits me fine. I did as much of nothing as I could do while they were gone and actually got a lot of it completed.

Sunday morning, after being catapulted an hour forward in time, we bolted out of bed and prepared for Family and Friends Day at Tanner Williams Holiness Church. This day is always well attended here and we love being here ourselves.

Many of the church folks sang beautifully and then we sang about 45 minutes, with a few testimonies and preaching thrown in for good measure. All of that was followed by a tremendous meal. I enjoyed every bite of it.

Tanner Williams has remodeled the sanctuary since we were last here and it is beautiful!

It was a wonderful treat to have Bro. Ferrell Stearnes from Pensacola, Florida with us Sunday! He is a dear friend to drive so far.

We rested some after lunch and then spent Sunday evening visiting with Bro. and Sis. Williamson. Have I told you before that we love these folks? Having fellowship with people like this makes life worth living! God has blessed us in the friend department.

The Allentown Fellowship Meeting begins Tuesday morning. We plan to crank the bus and drive over there and get parked later today. They are having service tonight about 45 minutes north at Cedar Creek tonight and we may go up there for that.

Thank you for stopping in to see us today. Thank you for praying for me. My back is doing a little better. I seem to be gaining by God's grace.


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