Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Vintage View Vednesday More Grand Tetons and Yellowstone 2005

We are making our way through our accidental vacation in 2005. We have a long way to go, but here are links the first two installments in case you missed them.

Accidental Vacation 2005 I Yellowstone National Park

Accidental Vacation 2005 II Grand Teton National Park

Before I move onto Montana in our accidental vacation in 2005, I found a few more pictures from the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park. I thought I had them all last week, but here are a few more. I would let them sit on the shelf, but they are too good not to share.

We ate lunch in the Grand Tetons in a picnic area on Signal Mountain. We had a beautiful view from the picnic area and an overlook area that was even higher. It was a gorgeous and peaceful place. If it were not for the prominently placed Grizzly Bear warnings, Kelly Jo might have stayed forever!

There are also a few pictures of The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone plus a few pictures of some wildlife in Yellowstone.

The Grand Canyon of The Yellowstone is absolutely Grand! I think we could have spent a whole day there drinking in the beauty.

Next week I will have some pictures from Glacier National Park. We had no idea what to expect at Glacier, we only knew if we were that close, we were supposed to go. Boy, Howdy, were we ever blown away! What an amazing place.

We also did not know what to expect when we went to visit the Metzgers and Sun Valley Church. We only knew that if we were in western Montana we needed to go see them. We were blown away by the Metzger family too. What an amazing family!

All that comes next week. Thank you for stopping to see us today.


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