Saturday, March 9, 2019

Watching A Miracle Grow

Public Service Announcement 

The clock springs forward tonight so we lose an hour of sleep. I love the extra daylight but I miss my wonderful hour of sleep. I apologize ahead of time if I seem grumpy to some of you tomorrow! đŸ˜‚ 

Are you dreading losing your hour of sleep? Then there is something to look forward to in the future. The hour will be back in 238 days! You can mark November 3rd on your calendar as fall back day.

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Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from the BoggsMobile. I am extremely happy and thankful that our home on wheels is on the move again. I appreciate everyone’s prayers and concern during our bus troubles! We are grateful for the prayers that have carried us countless miles through the years and I look forward to many more miles ahead!

We had a great time this week near Sebastopol, Mississippi. Our dear friends at White Plains are super fine people and we enjoy visiting with them every time. God was at revival too and that makes all things grand. 

Tomorrow we will be joining Tanner Williams Holiness Church for Family and Friends Day At 10:30 AM! This special day is always fabulous and we love spending it with Pastor Donnie Williamson! Another scrumptious highlight to the day will be a delicious church dinner. The Tanner Williams Church sure knows how to prepare a spread fit for a king. 

Watching A Miracle Grow

Last week in Ellisville, Mississippi I was able to see a few children that are “Miracle Babies”. God answered countless prayers of their parents and church family. The Lord gave them the desires of their hearts. They are truly blessings sent from Heaven. These little ones hold a special place in my heart and I praise God for them often! It thrills me to see my special buddies growing up, but I cannot believe how quickly it is happening.

Here are two of the miracles growing up in Ellisville that I have written about several other times.

Caleb and Katie are precious absolute miracles from the Lord.

Our first weekend visit to Ellisville was in March 2006 and we followed that with our first revival in March 2007. My then new friend, Allison, was preparing to marry, Jamie. They married later that year and they have become great friends to me. 

For several years Jamie and Allison prayed, believed and waited for God to give them a baby. We joined them in that prayer and believed with them too.  In 2016 word came that their prayer was being answered. Their family would be growing in the spring! We thanked God and rejoiced with them!

Lucas Warren Brownlee changed their world on May 4, 2017! This bundle of joy brought happiness to many people around him. We officially met him and I introduced him here in the fall of 2017. I wanted to praise God once again for giving the gift of Lucas! Thanks to his Mama, Allison, for giving me permission to write about him. 

Oh my goodness Lucas is precious! He is a growing boy and will be 2 years old soon. I loved getting to see him last week. He is definitely all boy full of energy and he is loving and happy. 

He is learning new things and words every day. Lucas’ smile and bright eyes melt me into a puddle. His parents taught him to say my name last week. It started as “O” and then changed to “Odie O”. It was cute some nights when I was singing he would wave and call for me.

I love this little guy! It is a blessing to watch this miracle grow! Lucas is a reminder that waiting on the miracle is worth it! Today I wanted to encourage us and remind us that waiting for miracles really does pay off. God hears our prayers and sometimes we receive a partial miracle. Then God will finish it over a period of time. Maybe without realizing it, we are watching miracles grow. 

Have you ever experienced a miracle over time? I would love to hear about it!

As you can see Lucas is a ball of fun. Have a great weekend!


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