Monday, March 25, 2019

Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 3/25/19

The last services at Paw Creek were so sweet Thursday and Friday. We hated to leave our precious friends, but our itchy feet let us know it was time to roll on down the road. It seems like that happens every Saturday.😀

Odie snapped a few more pictures at Paw Creek and they are first up on this weekend post.

We only had 113 miles to drive so I let the girls rest a while Saturday morning. I cranked the bus a few minutes after 11 and it took us about an hour to get unhooked, our holding tanks emptied and then we were on the road.

There was only one stop for the BoggsMobile Saturday. That was in Blacksburg, South Carolina at Love's for diesel and a little snack.

There was quite a bit of construction for most of the drive. We knew it was there because we drove the opposite direction through it the Saturday before. The traffic was slow, but moving and a little less than three hours after we began, we pulled in to Open Praise Fellowship Holiness Church in Easley, SC for the first time.

By 6:00 we were turned around, parked, hooked up and the sound system was carried in, set up and connected in the church. Soon we were on our way back to town looking for a bite to eat. We knew we had found the right restaurant when they have a tow truck parked next to the front door in case you eat too much.😇

We received a lovely warm welcome from Pastor Chad Payne and all of the precious people at Open Praise Fellowship Holiness Church Sunday morning. As I mentioned, this is our first time here, but they have made us feel right at home already. The Lord moved wonderfully in the singing and in the altar service. Plus, they served a great meal after church. It does not get much better than that!

The Lord blessed us with another great service Sunday night. We are really looking forward to the next three nights. This church is right in the middle of a great neighborhood for a church and I would love to reach out to a bunch of them. Pray the Lord will help us!

Thank you for reading today.


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