Saturday, March 16, 2019

Allentown Campmeeting Notes 2019

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting from the road. The BoggsMobile is pointed toward Paw Creek Ministries in Charlotte, North Carolina. We are looking forward to a great week ahead with Pastor Joseph Chambers.

My spiritual cup is full and running over today. I am so thankful for the three days that we were blessed to attend the camp meeting at Allentown. Oh, my, the Lord was so sweet. Every day God met us in all the services. I was anticipating a powerful move of His spirit and my expectations were greatly exceeded! 

It was absolutely marvelous to feel God so near us! This was an encouraging and special week that will be in my memory for years to come. 

I tried to get notes on all the messages that were preached during our stay at the meeting. I have those listed for you below. Also, I have included pictures of a majority of the preachers above their sermon details. 

Thanks for reading today! Have a great weekend


Allentown March Campmeeting 2019
Semmes, Alabama 

Tuesday, March 12th 

10:00 Morning Service 

Gerald Pearson 
John 20:19-22
“We Need A Second Wind”

Bro. Don Tabor
Acts 27:37-44

Bro Jimmy Lloyd testified 

Bro. Kevin Webster testified 

Bro. Jon Isaacs
Acts 27:25
“I Still Believe God”

6:00 Youth Service 

Free Gospel Bible Institute 

Nathaniel Denton
Galatians 5:4
“Grounds of Grace”

Bro. Carson Cheek
2 Samuel 3:14-16
“Just Go Home”

7:30 Night Service 

Bro. Randal Wilson
John 4:19-24
“The Miracle In Worship”

Wednesday, March 13th

10:00 Morning Service 

Bro Darrell Meadow 
Jonah 2:1-4
“You Ain’t Even Got A Prayer”

Bro. Barry Gautreaux
Job 38:4-7
Acts 3
“Refreshing Until The Time of Restoration”

Bro. Ronnie Cooper 
Luke 15:11-24
“The Third Son”

6:00 Youth Service 

Ozark Bible Institute Youth Service

Bro. Craig Dotson
“Freedom In Surrender”

Bro. Micah Faulkner 
“Spiritual Statues”

Bro. Jared Hudson

7:30 Night Service 

Bro. Lloyd Shuecraft 
Psalm 73:24
“Guided To Glory”

March 14th

10:00 Morning Service 

Bro. J.R. Alexander 
Habakkuk 3:17-18 
“Beating The Bad Days”

Bro. Rick Simpson 
Judges 6:12
“Power of the Picture”

Bro. Jamie Holcomb 
Mathew 16:13-20
Psalms 127:1
“The House That Jesus Built”

6:00 Youth Service 

Bro. Seth Cowart
Exodus 24
“Keep Climbing”

Bro. Kenson Wilson 
Acts 2
“ I Believe In A Last Day Revival”

7:30 Night Service 

Bro. Jimmy Millikin 
John 15:5
Philippians 4:13
“I Can’t But God Can”

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