Monday, March 18, 2019

Our Weekend In The Rearview Mirror 3/18/19

I mentioned before that our original plan was to leave Allentown Thursday afternoon following the morning service. We stayed for Thursday night's service to be supportive of Bro. Jimmy Millikin preaching that night and we are so glad that we did. The Lord spoke to us all through the preaching and altar service.

It was too late before we went to bed Thursday night after church so Friday morning came way early. I did not want to crank the bus too early Friday morning because we had to drive the bus passed all the other RVs there. I waited until 8:00, arranged for some cars to be moved and away we went. We were hooked to the Green Machine and rolling down the road by 8:30.

Our route to Charlotte, North Carolina was going to take us smack dab through Atlanta, Georgia. I have no desire to drive the BoggsMobile in, through or around Atlanta in the middle of the day, so we drove 256 miles and stopped at the Georgia welcome center.

We gained our second hour in 5 days when we arrived in Eastern Daylight Savings Time as we crossed the Georgia line. This is our first day on Eastern time since the first week of January. It always feels a little weird at first because it changes the time we communicate with people, but we will settle into it soon enough.

Kelly Jo prepared a tremendous meal at the welcome center and then we crawled right back into bed to finish Thursday night's sleep. I made it a couple of hours and then worked on writing some until we felt like it was late enough to miss the horrible Atlanta traffic.

By God's grace, the BoggsMobile cranked again and away we went. Our plan was to drive across Georgia and park for the night in the welcome center on I-85 in South Carolina. The traffic was pretty heavy and we were concerned the parking might be full at the rest area so we pulled into the Flying J about 20 miles short of the state line to see if there were spots there.

The Flying J at Carnesville has about 15 RV spots and all but two were taken by semi trucks and trailers. This has become very common at Flying J and it is much more difficult to find an RV place. We settled in there and had a good night's rest after 420 miles total for the day.

It went down into the 30s overnight but we remained toasty warm inside without the generator or heat. Saturday morning I did start the generator, turned on a little heat in the front and the engine block heater too. The allowed the old Detroit to roar to life as it should.

The final leg of 161 miles was as smooth as butter. Pastor Chambers greeted us as we arrived at Paw Creek and helped us get parked. In a few moments, my brother Steve and his sweet wife Karen arrived from Ohio. They were headed to points beyond and detoured a little to deliver our mail and share a meal. It was so good to see them!

After we said goodbye to Steve and Karen, we went back to the church, carried in our equipment and set it up. We visited some more with Pastor Chambers and started getting even more excited about having a great revival this week.

Services Sunday morning and Sunday night were excellent. God met with each one that responded in the altar.

Odie and Bro. Chambers

It is so good to be back at Paw Creek. We also enjoyed the wonderful lunch they served after the morning service. It was exceptionally good.

We will begin school revival this morning at 10:00 AM and we are scheduled to have service each day through Friday. The services at night will begin at 7:00 PM. We are praying for a move of God's Spirit with the 40 students from the school and each night at church.

It would be a blessing to us if you would pray for us this week. Thank you for stopping in.


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