Friday, March 1, 2019

Revival In Pictures - Ellisville, Mississippi

Evidently, yesterday's dream sequence post really confused people. 

Let me clear up a few things. We are not in Key West, we are not eating frozen Key Lime Pie on a stick, Odie is not in Ohio, we did not crash the bus, my computer did not get ruined by salt water, I do not own a tie with green and blue striped oysters and clams on it, I have not lost my everloving mind and we are still in revival in Ellisville, Mississippi.

I will admit to having some mighty vivid dreams lately, but that is all I will say.😉

This next picture is much better than a dream.

You are not hallucinating. You are looking at an answer to multiplied hundreds of sincere prayers. That is a real picture of the BoggsMobile parked at First Assembly in Ellisville, Mississippi taken on February 28, 2019! Hallelujah!!! 

We still have a few things to check out, but the bus starting and running down the road and for that we are extremely thankful. I will try to tell more of the story next week, but thank you for holding us up in prayer. We have felt God strengthening us. He has certainly surrounded us with good people.

We have been having a wonderful revival with Pastor Kenny Morris and all of his wonderful people this week. The altar services have been outstanding. We have had great participation in the altar and I am always thankful for that.

As you can see below, Odie has been taking some pictures of the great meals we have been eating around here. We have been treated like kings and queens. It seems that do not know we are only commoners and not royalty. I would hate to burst their bubble.😀

We have quite a few good pictures for this Revival In Pictures post so I will get right to it.

Thank you for stopping in today. 



  1. Hay bro Davy this is an old young friend I was thinking if you put the rag back in the motor it may solve the riddle. Your bus was just to accustom to the rag and is going crazy now without it rag .....������

    1. You are probably on the right track. I have had about 15 people tell me that. That many people can not be wrong, can they?

  2. Enjoyed being with y’all in revival! Praying the bus will continue running smoothly! Keep us in your prayers! Love y’all very much!
    Brad & Sonya Nicholson

    1. Thank you both! May God bless you for your incredible kindness to us. We will never forget it! We are indebted to you.

      Davy, Kelly and Odie


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