Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Vintage View Vednesday New Horizon 1999

I ran across a treasure trove of great pictures in our vast storage vault of archived vintage pictures. These are from the fall of 1999 in Wichita, Kansas. We had the privilege and honor to serve as Pastor at New Horizon Holiness Church in Wichita. These are some great pictures of many of the great folks from the church.

Man, these pictures pull at my heart strings. These were wonderful times.

The first batch of pictures is from a visit to Big Cheese Pizza with a couple of families. All of these kids are grown and some of them are married with children of their own.

The rest of the pictures were taken mostly at the first house we rented and in the church itself.

Odie is not quite 14 years old in this picture.

Here is a picture of most of the people that attended New Horizon in 1999. I think this is all but two families.

I appreciate this fine group of people taking a chance on me. It was a leap of faith on their part. It was leap of faith for my family too. I am thankful my girls were willing to follow me wherever I went and I am thankful New Horizon invited us to join them. 

Wow! I love these pictures. We spent nearly four years in Wichita and these folks are near and dear to our hearts. I will share other pictures from Wichita with you in later Vintage View Vednesday posts.

I hope you enjoy.


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