Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Pictures of The Tent Going Up In Amber, Oklahoma

The tent set up in Amber, Oklahoma was smooth and nearly problem free just like we love it to be. Even though the day was hot, most of the heavy lifting was over before the heat set in.

This first picture was taken from the stop sign across the street from the tent site on Saturday morning.

This picture was taken Sunday morning from the same point.

This is from the tent trailer looking back toward the church and BoggsMobile Saturday.

We had some swarmy looking help show up to assist with the tent that are not from the Amber Church. It sure was great to have them. Bro. Bruce and Sis. Priscilla Mayhan from Pauls Valley, Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe from Sapulpa, Bro. Brent Wilson from New Mission Church and Bro. Joseph Hunt from Wallville, Church.

Bro. Bruce

Bro. Jimmie

Bro. Joseph

Bro. Brent

I think Odie missed getting a shot of Sis. Priscilla in action but here she is supervising Bro. Bruce. They all came to work and work they did!

Unless the grass is really soft, we need to put tarps on the ground to help prevent the tent from getting holes in it. It is an extra step in the process and slows the set up and take down somewhat, but it is necessary.

The hardest working evangelist's wife in the USA, without a doubt!

This was a really good set up. The folks that came worked smart and quickly. Everything was up and in good working order in a short time. It was awesome to have Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe with us again for set up. We love having him with us, even for a day or two!

I asked Pastor Russel Cheek to pray after the tent was up and the Holy Ghost came down!

I always breath a sigh of relief when the tent goes up without difficulty. I love having the Blue and White Gospel Tent in the air. We are having wonderful services and we praise God for all of it.

Thank you for reading today. Stop back in and see us again tomorrow.


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