Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Taking The Tent Down In Amber, Oklahoma

Yesterday I posted a picture of the Dad's Root Beer I received at Crosslight Chapel for Father's Day. I received gifts from three other sources for Father's Day.

There were Bible markers and a pen from Amber Church, an Ozark Trails insulated cup from Landmark and a custom metal sign from Odie.

Today I have a few pictures of the tent take down from Friday night in Amber. We had plenty of light to work, but it quickly became too dark to get good pictures. Odie did the best she could and you will find a few below. 

Before church on the last night of tent revival, Kelly and I do quite a bit of preparing. It always pays off in a smooth process after church. Having some one to help that has helped us before is a big plus, but if we are prepared then the take down goes better.

We had done all that we could do before hand and thankfully the rest of the operation went down without a hitch. I love that.

Friday morning I also tackled a small but needed trailer project. The top seal on the rear ramp door was coming loose. Bro. Forrest Shifflitt from Amber brought me a new seal and I set about to replace it.

The aluminum surface has to be cleaned. You know how that works for me, right? The old seal was half way off and the part that was still attached was determined to never come off. With a little blood, sweat and tears plus a few chemicals and various scrubbing and scraping methods and the surface was brand new all the way across.

I did not snap a picture of the clean surface. I was ready to get the seal on and get out of the sun. A few moments later and it was ready to go!

For the record, Awesome and a scouring pad worked the best.

Thanks, Bro. Forrest.

Here are the pictures of the chairs being packed away, the sound system coming down and the tent going into the trailer.

Another tent revival in the bag.

Thank you for reading today.


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