Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview June 4, 2018

The weekend began with me waiting for the inspector to make a return visit to the house. Once that was over, we kicked into a whirlwind of activity and we kept up a pretty good pace until Sunday night. That is what we have come to expect and I imagine nearly everyone lives life that way. It was a great weekend.

I was hoping the inspector would finish early Friday, but he was a little late getting around to us. Once he arrived he stayed and talked about 45 minutes to an hour. He gave us a passing grade on the final inspection, hit the road to his next appointment and we kicked it into high gear.

We had planned to be in Nashville Friday afternoon, but those plans changed with the failed inspection on Thursday. With that change, Friday afternoon and evening became a furniture grabbing and moving day.

Steve and Karen brought a few pieces of beautiful old furniture for Odie to use until she buys more. They brought these tan pieces and the lamp. They are not exactly the "look" Odie is going for, but I think they are beautiful and classy.

We made a trip to IKEA. Odie purchased three chairs and a bed platform with drawers. She has had her eye on it for a while and it was time to pull the trigger. She bought the yellow chair below and two of the blue chairs.

The chairs were easy to assemble but the bed was a bear! Dad and I started putting the it together and then Karen, KJ and mom joined us. It was quite a job!

It has four huge drawers which is exactly what Odie wanted.

We had two mattresses that make up a queen size that we had taken out of the BoggsMobile about two years ago. Odie is going to use those for now until she can decide what kind of mattress to purchase. We hated to buy one in a rush and get the wrong one.

We put the mattresses on the newly constructed bed and then Kelly Jo, Karen and Mom put on Odie's new bedding.

It is beautiful and matches her accent wall perfectly.

After we took these pictures Friday night I sat down in the blue chair and cried. My heart was full of joy and gratitude!

I took this picture Saturday morning with the BoggsMobile in the background.

Odie has a navy blue couch picked out and will order it soon. This will do nicely for now.

Here is Odie Saturday morning after her first official night in her new home. She is packed and ready to hit the road after one night "at home." I am afraid she will have to get used to her new home in short snatches!😁

We left the Ranch at 10:00 AM and pulled into the hotel in Madison Heights, Michigan 253 miles and nearly 4 hours later.

We met Pastor Johnson George and Sis. Binu at a Japanese Buffet at 5:00 and then we were off to his church for service at 7:00.

We were thrilled to see our friends and we were thrilled to have family there as well. Steve and Karen came to Michigan to be with us!  They ate dinner with us and attended both services. It is a blessing to have them every time!

This was our first visit to this International Assembly of God in Warren, Michigan and we loved being there. We knew no one from the church, but Pastor Johnson George and his wife, Sis. Binu, however the people responded wonderfully. God blessed in the altar services. Wow! It was tremendous. 

I love meeting God's people all over the world. The church embraced us so warmly and made us feel completely at home worshiping, singing and preaching. I believe we have made some more life long friends.

Sunday Morning

We had great fellowship after the service Sunday morning and then enjoyed another meal with Bro. Johnson, Sis. Binu and Steve and Karen. It was sad to say goodbye and leave our friends. It finally had to be done and we started home on our 270 mile journey.

The trip home was a little more complicated since at least two interstates have sections closed in Detroit, including several miles of I-75 south. Once we worked around that it was smooth sailing all of the way.

We pulled into the Lazy OD Ranch before 9:30 Sunday night and called it a full and blessed day from the Lord.

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for going with us.


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