Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Woundup and Weview June 11, 2018

Our weekend began Friday morning with us loading the Green Machine in the tent trailer at Bristow Church and turning the BoggsMobile southwest toward Amber, Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma is the land of toll roads and the tolls have increased since we have last been here. The bus and the trailer, six axles, costs $23 for the 88 miles between the Missouri state line and Tulsa plus $23 for the 88 miles between Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Ouch!

The only stop beside toll booths was for fuel at Flying J north of OKC. We have stopped at this particular Flying J so much through the years that it seems almost like home. I pulled into one of the parking spots and ate some brunch and made some business phone calls.

We pulled into Amber Holiness Church about 12:30, unloaded the car, dropped the tent trailer in the parking lot and then parked the bus. I used the Pastor's truck to park the tent trailer in the right position at the tent site across the street.

A short nap was in order after that and then a little Mexican food in Norman, Oklahoma with Pastor Cheek, Sis. Tonya and three of their children.

Does that look good or what?!

We have been to Tarahumara's a few times before and liked it. This time it was excellent! We LOVE Oklahoma City are Mexican food!

Kelly Jo and I spent about an hour or so Friday evening laying out the stake line for the tent. We always try to do that before the help comes to raise the tent. That way they can get started right away.

Saturday morning the tent went up without a hitch. I will have more on that tomorrow.

Hey! That is Bro. Jimmie Radcliffe. Man, he sure looks good next to that tent!

Some of the folks set up a canopy tent and cooked a bunch of food for a church/community cook out. We had great fellowship all evening.

I captured a few pictures of the tent early Sunday morning.

Tent revival began with two great services Sunday. People were worshiping, God was helping folks and a pretty good breeze was blowing. It is hot this week, but the breezed makes it very tolerable. The Spirit of the Lord makes it wonderful!

I loved watching Josiah eat Sunday afternoon and comb his hair with his fork.

This miracle baby is so cute!

Odie captured a few pictures of the great service Sunday night tool

As I finished Sunday night, I was whipped. I love tent revival. I love God reaching for people. I love watching people respond. That makes every ounce of energy expended completely and totally worth it! I believe the next five nights are going to be awesome!

That wraps up our weekend. Thanks for dropping in today.


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